Suncity: Attempting To Entrenched On The Russian Gambling Market

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January 31, 2022
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Suncil group, macao gambling operator, acquired summit ascent holdings ltd. Thus, the company implements the policy of expansion to the russian gambling market.

SunCity: Attempting to Entrenched on the Russian Gambling Market

Earlier, suncity belonged to 3.29% shares summit ascent. The scale of the expansion of the shareholder share at the last trench is not disclosed. However, representatives of the company announced the purchase of summit ascent sharesed that suncity will be directly involved in the construction of the objects of the second phase tigre de cristal resort and casino in russia.

Summit ascent manages tigre de cristal casino located near vladivostok. Is significant that summit ascent headquarters in hong kong is located next to suncity.

Purchase of shares is part of large-scale activities suncity on business expansion in the region. Vladivostok is located in close proximity to china, which makes it even more atractive for the company. Having installed close business relationships with gambling operators «primorye», suncity will only win.

Recently, the company has concluded an agreement with paradise co to attract chinese tourists to south korean igor. A similar strategy can work in russia.

In addition, suncity is not new to direct investment investment investment in international gambling establishments. Previously, they were invested in casino development projects in vietnam and cambodia, as well as the opening of vip zones in macau, in the philippines and in australia.

Investments will also contribute to the development of tigre de cristal. According to the general director of summit ascent, the stylishness of digital, the operator plans to invest in an integrated $ 500 million resort within the implementation of plans to expand the object.

Recall that primorye was called among the twenty most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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