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February 24, 2022
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SVENSKA SPEL BEGAN A PROMOTION IN Support of the Responsible Game

"Together we control the game" – this is the message that svenska spel wants to convey, having organized a new campaign that started on december 21. It is part of the work of the the sustainable development group and is intended to be in fascinatition form toel how svenska spel can help customers track their gambling.

"We need to learn to better tell about everything we do to help customers track their gambling. For the number of gambling often increases, it is very important to track the process ",

– anna said, head of marketing communication and activation of svenska spel.

Andre lindgren, svenska spel communication manager, noted:

"Showing how easy and quickly can be checked if someone is at risk, playing gambling, we went more people to check their behavior in gambling. Theraefore, we want to visualize how quickly the addiction is developing. Several tests available on our website. ".

The action "together we control the game" is widely covered in the media, television, olv and social networks. Target group – all swedes aged 25-59 years. The goal of control over gambling is that customers constantly use the svenska spel control tool and knew about the dancers of gambling ".

Source: official site svenska spel

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