Sweden Authorities Can Introduce Restrictions On Lutboxes

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April 15, 2022
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Swedish authorities are ready to consider the introduction of new restrictions on the use of lutboks. The reason for the revision of the rules was a government report on the potential risks associated with the features of video games using miracle boxes.

Sweden Authorities Can Introduce Restrictions on Lutboxes

The report was published by the swedish consumer rights agency (konsumentverket) and will be reviewed by spelmarknadsutredningen due to the fact that it contains recommendations for minimizing the consequenes of gambling.

The document is discussed in the similarity of the mechanism of work of lutbox with gambling. With the help of miracle boxes, users can acquire virtual items. The peculiarity is that the purchase of lutbox does not guarantee the acquisition of some particular subject or obtaining such in principle.

Researchers add that despite the fact that the mechanism of buying an item without a clear understanding of what is in the box is not similar to gambling. If there is an option to exchange the subject to cash on video games using lutboks, a law on gambling can spread.

Nevertheless, the document does not contain convincing and exhaustive conclusions. Researchers note that the scale of damage to evaluate is not possible. They add that, of course, there are special cases that attracted the attention of the media. Their geography goes beyond sweden. They, as a rule, concern cases of large spending made by children to buy lutboks.

The Document Does Not Contain Convincing and Exhaustive Conclusions

The report, however, emphasized the structural and psychological similarity of lutboks with gambling.

Minister of social security of sweden ardalan shekarabi, in whose conduct is the formation of gambling policy, said it is important to ensure the proper level of consumer protection. According to politics, the situation is aggravated by the fact that video games cause increased interest in children.

Recall that the gambling regulator of sweden does not cope with the number of violators in the online gambling industry.

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