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February 9, 2022
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Branscheforenigen för onlinespel) gustav hoffstedt spoke in october that "to business, which is either controlled by the state or belongs to him relate to more condescendingly than to the private gaming industry". His words caused criticism from the executive director of ab trav och galopp hasse lord scarplet.

Skarplet said that ownership is not a decisive factor in choosing the most successful operators. Instead, he said, success on the open game market was simply determined by the quality of the proposal. He said:

"Customers will never choose a game supplier on the basis of who owns the company. They will choose a company that offers beautifully decorated, the most exciting gaming opportunities, and at the same time will demonstrate a good attitude to customers. Someone just wants to play at races, someone – in the casino and make bets, someone – separately. So, maybe life is not so unjust ".

In addition, he answered the criticism of hoffstedt about the fact that the scandalous deposit limit in sweden in the amount of 5,000 swedish crowns applies only to online casinos. It was previously assumed that the restriction applies to all products for gambling, but after atg’s objections, sports bets and other verticals that are not associated with casino were released from him.

Since then, atg has been widely supported by the restriction, while many others, including bos, speak out against .

Scarptlot said it should be clear that the rates are not so harmful as online casino:

"We must also agree that gambling at the racetrack cause problems with gambling to a much lesser extent than online casinos, unless otherwise confirmed by research and statistics. It is likely that that is why they were released from certain restrictions. Not at all so "it is not clear", as i would like to declare gustav ".

Not so long ago, the swedish regulator spelinspektionen fined atg for non-compliance with the rules of restriction of the deposit. Although the player cannot play casino games if he installed the deposit limit of more than 5,000 swedish crowns, players can easily raise and lower their limit to get around this position and play casino games with a weekly deposit to 50,000 swedish crowns.

The scarp told that the negative comments on atg will not help private operators of gambling, which are members of the bos:

"All the merit in protecting the interests of their members, but a slander on atg and jumps will not enrich your members".

Meanwhile, hoffstedt rejected the note of the scarpood that the best operators always win. Instead, according to him, those who face hard state regulation are significantly disadvantageous. He noted:

"I always remind politicians, gambling operators and other interested parties, that it is consumer who ultimately decides where he wants to make his bets, and not a regulator or any gambling operator. I agree with hans skarple to the extent that it is the customer’s experience associated with azart, trouble-free and safe play, determines where to play. But i do not agree – or at least i believe that hans skarpotet seriously underestimates – the influence of government restrictions on the quality of customer service and where to make bets ".

According to him, this government intervention, as a rule, served as atg and to the detriment of the rest of the sector:

"This is not a slander, as the scarp says that the government prefers the operators of gambling, closely related to the government, in the case of atg with the president and most members of the council appointed by the government. The basic principle of action was to eliminate the main gambling products of these companies from under further restrictions. This is an obvious fact that everyone is noticeable. ".

Source: edition igaming business

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