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April 12, 2022
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The administrative court of sweden reduced to 3 million swedish crowns ($ 305 316) the size of a fine written by the casino cosmopol operator for violating licensed conditions related to money laundering and terrorist financing.


The court decision may be appealed by the gambling regulator of the country lotteriinspektionen.

In november last year, the control authority issued a casino cosmopol a fine of 8 million swedish crowns. The reason was to identify during the investigation of systemic disadvantages in the work of four ground casinos located in the country.

The decision in december, the administrative court considered the case last week.

During the systemic shortcomings in the work of gambling establishments are theere, so the operator must pay a fine. However, according to representatives of justice, taking into account the nature and degree of violations established by the gambling regulator, the size of the gambling regulator from 8 million to 3 million swedish crowns.

In response to the verdict, the gambling regulator of sweden declared that it has the right to appeal the court decision.

Investigation of lotteriiinspektionen revealed inconsistency with a licensed requiement in several areas. Casino cosmopol was the subject of close attention of the regulator for seven months.

Lotteriinspektionen Investigation Revealed Inconstencency With A License Requirement

Among the disadvantages found in the operation of the operator, it was also the fact that the casino cosmopol administration did not record cases of large players and spending in the amount of more thor 99 thousand. Swedish crowns in one evening. The data were provided to the regulator only after watching video recordings from surveillance cameras.

Despite the fact that casino cosmopol took note of the need for proper monitoring, the regulator considered for gaming machines were not registered for gaming machines were not registered, were not tracked and were not systematized properly.

In addition, lotteriinspektionen revealed a number of violated money laundering rules. The operator said that more than 97% of customers were identified as trustworthy, but despite this, lotteriinspektionen revealed the inconsistency of this approval on specific examples. Disagrements are dictated by the fact that when checking the operator did not take into account the action of the user until the latter became the casino client.

Recall that the number of swedish players who used the program of self-sliping is constantly increasing.

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