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February 8, 2022
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Swedish Regulator Announced A Report to Study The Action of the Law On Gambling

Commission on the market market of sweden (spelmarknadsutredningen) presented its report on the regulation of gambling business. The report was entrusted to spend in june 2018 to study additional measures to those outlined in the law on gambling, which came into force from january 2019.

Then in april 2019, the investigation was changed to consider solutions to limit the advertising of gambling, after a surge of advertising campaigns of operators after the market opening.

The study was headed by a special investigator and a former member of the anna-lena senson parliament, and it also considered potential fees to ensure fair retrents from races and other sports. The prospect of a mandatory collection from operators hosting rates was rejected by sorenson in october.

As in the case of a potential tax rate, the investigation rejected the call tax calls. It wasted that for 90% of rates for international sports, it will be unprofitable and will bring little use to local sports. In addition, it can reduce the interest of consumers and sponsorship of professional sports in the country, since rates on local events will become more expensive.

"The overall evaluation of the study is that it woulout be impractical to is considered for the equestrian sector, nor special defense, similar to copyright, for sports to compensate for the sports movement for its activities used as an object of gambling, "- said in the message.

Despite the rejection of claims for charging, the investigation ended with the recommendation of a number of more stringent market control measures.

First, additional measures were recommended to curb non-license activities – which is studied in a separate investigation – for example, the licensing system for software providers and increased control to stop the activities of offshore enterprises in the country.

In particular, it will include a direct ban on the promotion of non license gambling, as well as the distribution of ban on broadcasting advertising illegal gambling on for forign stations and video.

Also, it is proposed that spelinspektionen’s regulating body have developed a risk classification for gambling products that could serve as the basis for supervision. Meanwhile, in games that are considered the most dangerous for players, advertising will be prohibited from 6 am to 9 pm.

Indition, among other conclusions, a temporarily introduced restriction on a deposit of online casino in the amount of 5,000 swedish crowns to make permanent. The proposal was based on the fact that spelinspektionen can decide how effective the measure after several years of action, and make a decision to increase or decrease the limit.

Spelinspektionen, as he was in the investigation, should also intensify efforts to clarify the responsibilities of operators to exercire caution when working with clients.

In addition, it was proposed to adopt a new law establishing reporting requirements for operators, which will allow spelinspektionen and other relevant authorities to keep track of events on the regulated market and make changes if necessary.

Finally, the investigation argued in favor of mitigating requirements for bonuses for gaming enterprises, which allocate funds for good goals, such as the lottery. The risk of problems of the players is small, and that such events can compete with private operators, the proposal to players of the only bonus – longer be limited to the proposal to players of the only bonus.

The investigation, in addition, concerned lutboks and the prospects for regulatory restrictions on the mechanics of video games, but during the investigation it was concluded that the law on games was not a suitable place for such control. Instead, the report says, sweden should develop these rules at the european union level, and not at the national level.

It was a challenging task, affectedd by a large number of various issues related to the regulation of gambling, which in some cases required complex compromis. I believe that the proposals that we put forward today’s can how to enhance the protection of consumers, and make regulation more apprte.

Source: official website of the government of sweden

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