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March 7, 2022
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Swedish gambling regulator spelinspektionen withdrew the global gaming gambling license after a number of fines and detecting serious violations in work, including errors related to responsible gaming and measures to combat money laundering.

Swedish regulator recalls the license of the gambling operator

Safent, holding company global gaming, should immediately stop operations in sweden. She managed her brands ninja casino and spellandet.Com through the online casino, and also had a license to provide sports betting services received in december 2018.

In his conclusion, the regulator pointed to numerous violations of the regulations, in particular, for problems with gambling in ten players. Global gaming provided the appropriate spelinspektionen data as part of the investigation.

It was found that ten players spent significant amounts during the game with the global gaming brand without any intervention from the operator. The company’s administration did not obliged the players to provide information on the source of funds and did not warn them about the dangers associated with gembling.

Swedish legislation states that players must establish limits to deposits, while all licensees are obliged to contact customers who establish a monthly limit of over 10,000 swedish crowns (£838 /€940 / $ 1053).

However, the data provided by global gaming showed that neither one of the ten customers had contacted, while two players sport from 50,000 to 1.1 million swedish crowns per week.

In particular, one client contacted the operator to request a monhly deposit limit in the amount of 30,000 swedish crowns, but later it was reported that it would be set in the amount of 40,000 swedish crowns. The player was then able to deposits for a total of 250,000 swedish crowns in the period from 19 to 25 january.

Global gaming recognized that until january 14 there was no acting limit on the deposit, and this date introduced a fixed monthly limit of 8,000 swedish crowns. However, this meant that all the limitations previously specified by the players were reset and gamers were forced to manually install them again.

Spelinspektionen said that global gaming violated a number of rules, including chapter 14 of section 7 of the law on gambling, as well as chapter 11 of section 3 and 5 of the relevant decree and chapter 9 of section 10 of its own rules and general recommendations.

The regulator noted that large amounts deposited and set ten customers were supposed to encourage these players and establish the source of their funds. The inability to act properly in this area is equivalent to the violation of section 3 of chapters 2 of the law on money laundering, spelinspektionen said.

Recall: in july, swedish gembling operators will have to accredit accreditation.

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