Swedish Regulator Released A Report On Winning A Lottery

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May 3, 2022
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In 2019, the lottery and svenska spel scratch cards distributed 255 prizes in the amount of 1 million swedish crowns ($ 105,071), which is 9.9% less than in 2018 for the combined winnings in the amount of 1.28 billion kroons ($ 134, 4 million), and 8.5% year in annual.

Swedish Regulator Released A Report On Winning A Lottery

Pierre jonsson, who is ambassador svenska spel, said that the reduction of winnings is largely due to the fact that in 2018 there were two large winning dr lotteryömvinten and two – in the joker lottery.

In draw drömvinten players whose six numbers coincided, won 1 million kroons. According to jonsson, in 2018, due to this, the number of millionaires increased by about 50 people. The lottery generated most prizes and winners and brought 144 winnings of 1 million kroons (totaling 1.03 billion kroons).

In the draw lotto 1, the largest number of prizes in the amount of 1 million kroons were obtained. The amount of jackpots amounted to 257.6 million kroons. The sum of the cumulative jackpots in the euro jackpot lottery amounted to 647.7 million kroons.

By the way, in russia the first owners of the winning lottery 2020 are already known. A resident of moscow smiled at luck for 1 billion rubles, but whether he could pick up the full amount – read in the reference material.

The joker lottery paid 60 million crown winners, lotto 2 distributed prizes for more than 1 million kroons 19 players. The andra chansen lottery distributed 15 winners of 1 million kroons. The total amount of the ceno’s prize payments issued was 25.5 million kroons, thanks to which 10 people became millionaires.

Lottery Joker paid 60 million crown winners

Svenska spel distributed 111 prizes in the amount of more than 1 million kroons each. The total amount of prizes, thus amounted to 247.7 million kroons. By scratch-map the klöver-triss was obtained the greatest amount of out of no more than a million out of 152.7 million crowns. At the same time, 43 players won more than 1 million each. Skarpspel and tv-triss made millionaires nine people. The average age of the winners in 2019 was 56 years old, winners with a winning at least a million – 58 years old, winners in scratch cards – 53 years old.

Prizes within euro jackpot included and win the amount of 562 million swedish crowns, which received a couple from erebro. The following largest victory was the prize of 30.6 million kroons. The largest prize, obtained in another lottery, amounted to 21.5 million kroons. The largest prize obtained from the kl scratch cardöver-triss, has become the winnings of 12 million kroons, which fell five times.

Recall, in the us, the name of the winner in the lottery powerball remains unknown.

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