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March 7, 2022
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SWISS Gambling Regulator Renamed Gespa

January 1, 2021 entered into force concordat swiss monetary games (gsk). With the entry into force of the law, an oversight agreement, as well as the permitting and use of income for lotteries and rates conduced at the intercantoneal level or throughout switzerland, was canceled. All legal proceedings in the commission on lottery and rates (comlot), as well as all rights and obligations of comlot were transferred to gespa from january 1, 2021.

With the intercatoneal gambling supervision body, gespa, ensuresife of the switzerland’s population can be switzerland’s population can be sofely and socially responsible to partipate in lotteries, sports rates and gambling. January 1, 2021, she assumed all the tasks and competencies of the former comott.

Gespa – independent public law institute. Supreme organ – supervisory board. It consists – including the president – from five members, two of whom are immigrants from french-speaking and german-speaking switzerland and one member from italy-speaking switzerland. Members of the committee of the former comlot became members of the gespa supervisory board at the beginning of the year. Previous comlobe secretariat became a gespa office. Indition, the office responsile for prompt activities.

Translot transformation in gespa served as a verbal sign and logo, as well as www website. Gespa. Ch.

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