Tanzania Gambling Council Pursues Low Quality And Smuggled Slot Machines

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April 25, 2022
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Tanzania Gambling Council Pursues Low Quality and Smuggled Slot Machines

Tanzania gambling tip (gbt) in collaboration with tanzania tax administration (tra) in the ruku and katyi regions, confiscated and destroyed 24 slot machines worth more than 46 million shillings.

Although during the special operation conducted by the authorities in two provinces, they found that some cars were poor-quality. On the contrary, others were brought into the country smuggy through the arms of the arms and datas without proper and legal procedures. Only in the province of katavy, nine cars werth 12 million shillings were confiscated during a joint special operation conduced in the madzhimoto in the melella area, and the dumps were burned in mpanda mpanda municipality. Machines of the hruva region worth 30 million shillings were confiscated during the operation carried out in several areas of rift valley basin in the sumbavang region.

The authorities destroyed cars at mbalik landfill on the outskirts of the city of sumbavang. Executive director of gaming board of tanzania mr. James mbalwe said that the government adopted laws governing the import of gaming goods in order to benefit from legitimate tax collection. Mr. Mbalwe also stresed that in front of the import of lottery machines, a natural or legal person should receive legal documents in accordance with registration and pay taxes. Finally, the same legal entity will be allowed to place cars in legitimate commercial premises.

"Some of these lottery machines were brought by smuggling, which deprives the government of the possibility of obtaining legal tax. In the last 2019/20 fiscal year, gaming management made more than 95 billion shillings due to taxes. According to the law on gambling council of 2013, operators are allowed to use lottery machines in authorized bars and specialized stores that have been registered and the owners do not shy away from paying taxes ".

Meanwhile, mr. Mbalve warned the owners of lottery machines so that they do not allow children under 18 to not allow game, otherwise they will face anger of law.

"The one will notice children playing the lottery must immediately report this to the relevant authorities, because it is a criminal offense," mr. Mbalwe warned.

Katavi tra, ms. Matlida kunenge, stated that the owners of smugggggled lottery automata refused to collect taxes in the amount of more than 4.2 million shillings.

For its part, the acting regional manager of rukwa tra, mr. Chacha boaz insisted that such operations will be resistant for the arrest of dishonest businessmen, allegedly evading taxes with fake and smuggling machines. However, tanzania gambling council is the governing body of gambling, created in accordance with chapter 41 of the law on gambling and educated july 1, 2003. It is responsible for supervision, monitoring and regulation of gaming activities in tanzania, regulated by both online and retail.

Thus, tanzania’s tax administration is responsible for collecting everything related to gambling tax and other business taxes. It is interesting to know that tanzanian’s gambling advice has collaborated with the tra to prevent illegal organizations, leading game business, having deprived the right of taxation, as well as depriving existing companies that took advantage of legal means to conduct gambling business in the country.

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