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April 20, 2022
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Due to the emergence of governments and alternative bills on regulating gambling business in ukraine, the discussion on this occasion. More experts are attached to it, there was no political expert taras zavodnaya.

Taras Fence About the Legalization of Gambling Business in Ukraine

Despite the skepticism by specialists in relation to the government bill, one way or another, most experts agree that the legalization – the decision is correct. In such a situation, the main thing remains how and under what conditions the industry will begin work.

According to the fence, the need for the legalization of gambling is obvious to everyone who at least once was on ukrainian streets. The dominant of the so-called computer halls and lotteries, according to the expert, is a confirmation that, despite the ban, the business continues to exist, and the demand among citizens the demand among citizens.

The fence notes that at the same time taxes do not entter the state treasury, but increase the illegal earnings of representatives of the power bodies. In return, the last persistently ignoree the faith of the situation when illegal gambling halls are located almost at each public transport stop.

The expert notes that all bills submitted to the verkhovna rada, in one way on another collided with criticism. For example, a government document does not like experts due to the rigidity of regulation. The draft law developed by alexander dubinsky was criticized for the mechanism of competence will be issuing licenses. It is assumed that it will consist of two specialists. According to the representatives of the industry, it can turn the latter in multimillioners, but the ukrainian budget, as often happens, to leave with anything.

The draft law of the authorship of dmitry nataluhi is considered more balanced. Basically because the document is written in detail the terms of issuance and the cost of licenses. The rules for issuing permits are stipulated not only for land facilities, but also for online casinos. The cost of a license for gambling institution at the hotel will depend on its license plate. Intiator, the igor commision shold consist of 10 specialists.

Recall that yuri kozhema said that about 20 organizations could submit to ukraine for cancellation of gembling licenses.

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