Tax Deductions From Gambling Macau Increased By 14%

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January 28, 2022
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The government of macau received about 106.78 billion patac ($ 13.21 billion) in the form of the direct taxes from the activities of gembling operators. 2018 indicator is 13.6% higher in comparison with the previous year.

Tax Deductions from Gambling Macau Increased by 14%

Direct taxes from games amount to almost 80% of the total income of macao government in 2018, which amounted to about 134.20 million patac. Fiscal surplus amounted to 53.87 billion patual per year.

According to the tax rules of macau, in a special administrative area there is a tax rate of 35% on the gross income of gambling establishments (ggr). When regisering additional fees, it increasses to 39%.

The inspection and coordination bureau of gambling reported that the total ggr macau in 2018 amounted to 302.85 billion patacts, which is 14% more than in 2017.

The budget provided for that tax deductions from gambling business will amount to at least 82.41 billion patac. When predicting a possible profit from gambling business, the government specifically underestimates the possible indicator, leaning towards underestimation of income from taxation.

This year, the government expects to collect 91 billion patacts as direct taxes.

Recall that in january 2019 the macau authorities collected almost 10.20 billion patacts ($ 1.26 billion) as taxes from gambling business.

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