Teddy Bear Yudzuru Khani Is Not Oddity: The Story Of The Talisman Of The Famous Figure Skateman

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April 18, 2022
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Two-time olympic champion yudzur khani does not part at competitions with her talisman, yellow winnie pooh. Many consider it oddity, but behind it is a sad story of the life of the japanese.

Teddy bear Yudzuru Khani is not oddity: the story of the talisman of the famous figure skateman

Yudzura fights with fear and experiences in a special way

Athletes – pretty superstitious people, it’s not a secret. Almost everyone has their own special ritual before entering the football field or rink. Someone takes with them on competitions certain items, such as toys. Yudzuru hanu has this yellow plush wine puff. With their relationships not just formal – arrived, put and forgot. Yudzuru asks his coach to keep him on the side, so that the bear seems to watch his riding, as well as talking about something with him before going to the ice and at the end of the competition.

Some users consider such behavior a little strange. Someone thinks that this is a consequence of the genius of the figure. Japanese coach argues that he is not aware of this phenomenon. According to brian orser, he did not ask yudzuru, how and when had his winnie, but he said that hanu asks for the mishka to appeal respectfully. Be that as it may, most importantly, according to the coach, that it works.

Was with a skater bear and at the recent grand prix in canada, which ended with the victory of the japanese athlete. Yudzuru was captured by the ritual of communication with his talisman. In the comments again there was a question from where and when a bear appeared, as well as what he is so important for hani.

Was With A Skater Bear and On The Recent Grand Prix in Canada

There is no accurate information about this. In various articles, there are different information in which the figure itself or its loved ones. One of the versions was that the toy gave him parents after the victory in the olympic games in sochi. But the most reliable and often replicable is another. According to this version, the toy appeared in yuzuru after the earthquake in the hometown of sendai.

In this offseason, the figure skater came to their homeland, we wrote about the result of the trip in a separate material.

During the natural catastrophe, the boy was in the rink, but did not suffer. After that, parents of the future champion gave him a book about christopher robin and yellow winnie pooh. Since then, the soft friend has become an eternal companion and support for a closed, but talented athlete. It is likely that he helps him to overcome difficulties, tune in to good rental and survive. Brian orcher confirmed in one of the interviews that despite the fact that yudzuru is throwing new bears each time on ice, he always takes the same thing to the competition and does not change on new.

About the kindness of yudzuru and his manners, we wrote in a sparate material.

Earlier, we we wrote that yudzuru praised the coward.

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