Tedesko Made The Players “Spartak” Closer To The Fans And Got The Result

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April 15, 2022
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The first two weeks tedesko in «spartak» expired and the result of the team instills the hope of overoming the crisis in which the moscow club hit in the last two months. About what have changed – in our material.

TEDESKO MADE THE PLAYERS'Spartak' closer to the fans and got the result
Content: 1. Tedesko knows how to get along with fans2. Domenico tedesco – many tactics do not happen

Tedesko know how to get along with fans

Young specialist leaded «schalke» at the age of 31 and gathering the love of fans. And this thing is not out of simple, because «gelsenkirchenets» – one of the most popular teams in germany. And despite not the best club succeses in recent years, fans do not cease to support their football players. Domenico’s previously received experience decided to use in russia.

About experiences and criticism against domenico in the fist days after its purpose – in our separate material.

First of all, he moved the coaching place closer to the podium in, next to her and there is a warm-up players before the match. The mentor perfectly understands the importance of the athletes need to feel the charge of support before the game, it affects the football players positively. In a recent interview for the press service of the club, this also notic the player «red-white» lorenzo melgareho. According to him, it’s like «breath of fresh air».

???????????? Lorenzo has a serious attitude to the russian cup!

Do not miss tomorrow a large interview of our midfielder on https: // t.Co / nyrklvy4oq # spartak # melgarho # cubackets # spartakrost pic.Twitter.Com / eefdmuhogt

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)
october 29, 2019

Domenico tedesco – many tactics do not happen

No matter howel oleg kononov urged everyone in his tactical literacy, which confirm the athletes who worked with him, domenico – real gic in this matter. He belongs to the pleiad of new german coaches for which tactical delights – part of their essence. Come on «spartacus», he did not retreat from his preferences. The same lorenzo notic tactic becupations associated with tactic became even more, but this is not boring lectures, the headquarters and the case involves the players in the discussion.

Domenico Tedesco - Many Tactics Do Not Happen

A good feature of the german italian is his knowledge of languages. While domenico does not own russian, but in his arsenal english, german, italian, french and spanish. It helps in communicating with legionnaires «spartak». If tedesco is seriously engaged in russian, the fans and football players will become even more favorable.

????Behind the scene of the match # locomotivpar

emotional game ended with a score of 3: 0 in favor of red-white!

????Ponce scored his first goal in the rpl
2⃣larson made a double in front of his father

«behind the scenes» this victory remained the moments that you should see: https: // t.Co / udkawdmzna pic.Twitter.Com / 5ijejz47si

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)
october 29, 2019

While on the account of the new coach in the post «spartak» – two games. One ended with a draw with «ruby», and the second defeat at that time the leader of the russian federation «lokomotiva» on the departure with the score 3: 0.

Detailed overview of the victory in our article.

Previously, we we wrote about the corruption scandal in which russia may be involved.

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