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January 10, 2022
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This week, the swedish lotteriinspektionen lottery inspectorate warned that it does not plan to issue temporary licenses to online gambling before the liberalized market starts work january 1, 2019.


This week, the regulatory authority issued 31 online licenses. From the moment of opening the licensing window on august 1, 70 applications were filed. Lotteriinspektionen stated it makes everything possible for processing applications before launching the market.

In lotteriinspektionen, they reported that some companies still awaiting licenses turned into a departments for issuing «temporal» licenses that will allow them to start wil other operators on january 1. But the regulator declares that in the new legislation of sweden about gambling is not provided «temporary licensees» before receiving the main one.

Safeent ltd has become one of the ninja casino and the commisioner for the protection of consumer rights of sweden (ko) will meet in court due to the fact that, according to ko members, the site marketing is contrary to the new rules requiring «mediation» in advertising gambling.

The commissioner for consumer protection of sweden brought several phrases used in ninja casino promotions, including applications that the client can «extract profits» and «pick up millions» against the background of appeals «put it now». Gunnar vikterrem from ko noted that the court should consider the impact of these phrases on people with gambling addiction.

The governments of sweden has long been opposed to local media, which employed online gambling operators with an international license, but the new licensing regimen will create working conditions for both domestic and international operators.

Recall that offshore gambling operators were especially popular among swedish players in the last year.

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