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March 31, 2022
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Thailand Can Legalize Gambling Business

Prime minister of thailand prat chan-o-chase reported that in the near future it will consider the possibility of legalizing gambling in the country, although over the course of decades opposed.

The recent flash of coronavirus in thailand is largely related to a number of illegal gambling establishments, which suggests that the legalization of gambling would be a more practical approach to deterring the distribution of covid-19.

General prattyly acknowledged that the gambling is difficult, and now it is said to be open to public discussions about the advantages and minuses of their legalization, although personally opposes this. The prime minister added that the key question is whether most of the thais will consider legalized gambling morally correct, because not everyone consider gambling acceptable.

On january 14, the formation of a committee of 15 people was approved, which was instructed to check the processing of illegal transitions by migrants, which is also considered to be the factor in the current distribution of covid-19. The group is headed by pakdi potziri, a former member of the national anti-corruption commission (nacc).

General prat also approved the creation of a committee from 10 people on unlawful gambling.

Deputy prime minister vissan krea-ngham said that both committees will will willning (amlo) to track monetary traces of illegal actions.

In addition, the royal police of thailand said it would be held accountable in the bang buca tong district in nonthaburi because the allegedly closed their eyes to an illegal gambling house, which on thursday was a raid. During the operation carried out by the crimination office (uur), more than 40 suspects were detained.

Rtp major general investigation ato the idlegal gambling institutions and insspirers of illegal gambling institutions in the provinces of rayong, chonburi, canthaburi and spending, which became the main clusters of covid-19, will soon be completed.

Source: bangkok post edition

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