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January 17, 2022
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According to experts, south africa, nigeria and kenya – prospective territories for gembling companies. Local successes among other topical issues will be discussed on big africa supershow.

The African Geignhing Sector is promising in 2019: Experts
Content: 1. South africa2. Nigeria3. Kenya

South africa

In 2015, santicia temkin, senior head of pwc in south africa, in the annual review of the gembling sector voiced that the profit of the gameignan industry should increase to $ 2.17 billion in 2019. In subsequent publications of the report, which in 2017 created pietro cyda and jolan naida, it can be seen that the predicted growth exceeded the expectations of $ 72.5 million.

Since the gambling review for 2018 is still unavailable for the general public, one can only guess why the industry has a lot better than expected, and whether this growth trend will continue.

In a newer report, which created a commission on gaathyang’s games in november 2018, there is one indicator that stands out against the rest of the rest. In april 2017, the number of slot machines (lpm) registered operators in this province increased from 1394 to 2266. If such growth was observed in the 9 other provinces, then it was exactly that it could be the main reason why growth surpassed financial forecasts for 2017.



However, the growing indicators in africa are not limited to lpm and the south africa market. In nigeria, there was an incredible growth of online sports rates. After many years of market penetration to date, mobile payments begin to bring even more profits to operators of sports online betting. Ceo state lagos commission seun anibab reported in june 2018 that the growth of the sports betting sector occurred in connection with the increase in the number of web payments, according to the nibss interbank settlement system (nibss), which belong to the central bank and licensed banks.

In 2016, 14 million web payments were held for a total of 132 billion nair ($ 420 million). In 2017, the number of transactions jumped to 29 million, and in the first quarter of 2018 – up to 10 million mobile transactions worth 61 billion nair. If we take into account that after the first quarter, the growth has stabilized, and simply multiply the figures of the first quarter to 4, then the cost of the sports online betting sector nigeria would be about 244 billion nair ($ 620 million) in 2018. This is an additional $ 100 million annual growth since 2016. However, there is a high probability that growth will continue and the sector will reach new horizons.


To date, the growth of indicators of the sports sports sector in kenya has stabilized. However, due to the spread of a broadband cable of 5g on the eastern part of the african continent, it can be assumed that sports online betting and mobile payments will become even faster and more efficient, as a result of which growth may increase. In addition, kenya – one of the most secured internet countries in africa, and the total percentage of the world’s population, which has access to the internet, is 80%.


Unfortunately, over the past 2 years, not only positive changes have occurred in kenya, since the legislative power increased the gambling taxes (gross gambling profits) for operators and at the same time raised the age bar for legal gambling from 18 to 25 years. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the main part of the population of kenya belongs to the group of 18-25 years, as in most part of africa. As a result of these legislative reforms, the growth rate of the gembling sector slowed down significantly.

In general, the organizer of the ivent big africa superershow company eventus international, profit from gambling in africa continues to grow, despite slow economic development in the region, which was predicted for most of the territory of africa.

However complex and requires additional research, information, planning and enhancement of interaction before entering the territory of great opportunities. That is why the eventus team spent months exploring the most reelvant and favorable topics and discussions for big africa supershow 2019.

The summit will be held at the emperors palace hotel in johannesburg, south africa, from march 25 to march 26, 2019 and will unite the leading experts of the african gembrling sector in order to discuss the techniques necessary for understanding the african market and success for their company. Full program of the event – here.

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