The Average Age Of The Appearance Of Gembling Habits Is 20 Years: Research

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April 25, 2022
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According to scientists, young people in the uk acquire habits related to participation in gambling, up to 20 years. At the same time, more than half of 17-year olds in one form or another are join to gembling. The study of this issue was engaged in the university of bristol.

The Average Age of The Appearance of Gembling Habits IS 20 YEARS: Research

The study was conducted on request gambleaware, 14 thousand took part in it. Young people – university students. Scientists tried to trace the peculiarities of the behavior of young people in the long run in the context of the recent recrutment to gambling.

During the study of the issues, these young people aged 17, 20 and 24 years have been processed. It was revealed that 54% of seventeen-year-old british in one form or another joined gambling entertainment. A similar indicator in the age category 20 years increased to 68%. However, according to the final results, the dynamics of participation is somewhat reduced asia grow – at 24, 66% of respondents play.

In each age group, data provided by more than 3.5 thouusand. Interviewed. It is worth noting that it is mostly about participating in lottery draws or buy scratch-cards. Also, young people are popular with rates, which, nevertheless, are not carried out through bookmakers, but in the circle of friends. Both types of gambling-entertainment, according to legislation, are legal at the specified age.

With regard to online rates, the results of less rainbow. Only 9% of seventeen-year-olds use the services of online bookmakers, a similar indicator of 20-year-old engagement increases to 35%, and for 24-year-olds – up to 47%.

It significant that scientists have determined that participation in gambling is hereditary in nature, but not from the point of view of genetics, but as a behavioral habit. Indition, it was found that, as a rle, players are active users of social networks and computer games.

Participation in Gambling HAS A HEREDITARY CHARACTER

Moreover, among the habits of average players, smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages often appear.

Only 6-7% of respondents said that by 24 years found a tendency to gambling dependence.

Alan edmond, a professor of one of the departments of the bristol medical school, said that the behavieness of the study is that the behavior of the theng people has been studied in the prosess of their mature, stages.

According to edmond, in order to protect vulnerable young people, it is necessary to properly combine education, legislation and medical practices.

A similar study was carried out in australia. According to its results, one of the six australians aged 16 to 17 years old came to gambling last year.

Recall that ludomania was named one of the varieties of internet-dependence.

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