The Battery Dance “On The Kostya Mourinho” Hard Stopped Carrick

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January 10, 2022
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The sun’s british tabloid came out with the material in which he told how paul had reacted to the dismissal jose mourinho from «manchester united».

The Battery Dance'On the Kostya Mourinho' hard stopped Carrick

After the defeat from «liverpool» with a score 3: 1 manual «manchester united» decided to continue to break the emploement contract with the portuguese specialist jose mourinho. Did not stop the managers for two years left until the end of the agreement nor a big penalty in the amount of £22 million.

News of dissisasal «special» caused a different reaction among the fans of the mj. Someone considered it was done in vain, especially before match in the champions league with psg, and someone, on the contrary, signed with relief. According to the british tabloid the sun, the care of jose was delighted not only part of fans, but many club players.

Most of all, according to the publication, the french midfielder was rejoiced:

«He thought he could fool me and turn fans against me. On tuesday morning at the club training platform in carrington, he did not attack that player».

Indeed, during the leadership, the club between jose and the whole times broke out the disagreements, which went beyond the limits of the mj training base. This season, mourinho deprived the edges of the bandage, accused him of insufficiently, and french, in turn, criticized the style of the game team.


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The sun claims that of all the players who at that time was in the locker room, did not celebrate the resignation of the portuguese only romel lukaku. Stopped «holiday on kostya» ex-coach michael carrick. Edition argues that ex-midfielder «manu united» and assistant head coach reminded the field that «the player can not be more than the club». And if someone has forgotten this or still do not know – will be sold.

Train «red devils» until the end of the season there will be another ex-player «mancunians» alelex ferguson’s era – uhh gunnar sulcher, whom mj took rent from norwegian «molda». In turn, according to media information, there is a chance that one of the clubs in which jose’s career can continue will be «real» madrid, which portuguese has already trained in 2010-2013.

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