The Best Quotes Of Ibrahimovich For 2019: Top 5 States

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April 13, 2022
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Ibra has always been distinuished by a subtle sense of humor that skillfully connected with its consistently high self-esteem. We collected in one list all the most juicy states of the swedish forward for 2019.

The Best Quotes of Ibrahimovich For 2019: Top 5 States

Zlatan ibrahimovich: best quotes this year

It’s no secret that ibrahimovich is a forward «los angeles galaxy» for the second year. This period was more thanw erough for the country player acclimatized in the new championship and the country. In our hotel material, we told about the americans of the player in the american.

The fact is that the footballler’s contract with the mls club is designed until the end of this year, about which zlatan recently spoke. In his opinion, local journalists will also suffer from the departure of ibrahimovich from the usa.


«Twitter» zlatan – separate art. There it shows a variety of tricks, game moments and, of course, regularly pleases subscribers by legendary statements.

For example, in july of the current year, ibra decided to publish his own football drimming for all times. Oddly enough, but for each of the 11 positions, zlatan put himself, while simply commented on the situation with the coach.


My favourite team of all time. I only have to decide the coach. Maybe will be zlatan pic.Twitter.Com / mvrn5krxpc

— zlatan ibrahimović (@ibra_official)
july 8, 2019

And now time to recall the first steps of ibrahimovich in a football career. Forward started his way in the club from the city of malmo, sweden, who several months ago announced the installation of the zlatan monument between the old and new team stadiums.

The culprit of the celebration, who could not ignore the tribute to the native club came to the opening of the monument.

Quote 3

The next quotation from our top also concerns the monument to the swedish striker, in which he once again stressed his own importance and… danger.

Quote 4

We are zweden!!! Pic.Twitter.Com / x1u2wysggn

— zlatan ibrahimović (@ibra_official)
october 8, 2019

Some fans and journalists, imitating the best traditions of zlatan, often exalted his personality, calling «king», «ruler» etc. One of the media executors called ibrahimovich «god» during the formulation of your own question for a player. The footballer did not ignore the gesture of the journalist, and, on the contrary, answered in his beloved manner.

Quote 5

In our separate article we talked about the unusual relay, which ibra handed over to tennisist djokovich and mma nurmagomedov’s fighter.

Earlier, we wrote about the space statistics of the swedes on the eve of the 38th anniversary.

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