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April 4, 2022
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Good luck – not the only factor on which amart lovers count, waiting for winning in roulette. The first strategies arose almost simultaneously with the game, and its appearance on the Internet gave users new opportunities to increase their chances of winning. Roulette game programs in online casinos are based on probability theory. They analyze the statistics of the latest rotations and help calculate the possible result. Site gamblingread.COM presents an overview for calculating the winnings with descriptions and useful advice on its use.

Emulator of the European version of the game

What are the roulette programs

Players are constantly looking for new ways to win in roulette. One of them is the use of utilities to calculate the chances of winning. Most of the software create people with extensive experiences of the game and using strategies. Applications have an accessible work algorithm and can give the user a real result. The main purpose of this software is to help the player to determine which rates have more chances to play.

The result of each game must be taken into account when calculating the number that will fall in the next rotation.

According to this principle, most mechanisms are operating to analyze the chances of winning. These are mathematical strategies, and software methods that allow you to beat online casinos. Applications take on the actions that players did manually when using systems.

Tapestry analyzers use the history of recent rotations. This is a powerful tool for game statistics that allows you to calculate the chances of losing the sector on the wheel. If the user has not played a new time for a long time, then for analysis you can use the backbases. Such an archive contains data on the results of the latest rotations for European, American, French and other types of games.

Select the backbase for download

Software tools intended to calculate the chances of winning in roulette are several species. These are emulators, calculators, convenient utilities for strategies, as well as software that includes functions of several types. The algorithm that allows you to beat a casino, no, but will help you know the principle of the game.

The analyzers are also used by players to test the casino to honesty. This is done by rates on equal outcomes. If the site confesses the principles of an honest game, then after a few thousand rotations, the number of playing bets should be about the same.

To work with the application, the user needs to download a file from a proven source and install software on your computer. Before the first launch, carefully examine instructions from developers and apply the necessary settings. Many calculation programs are free, and paid have a version for testing in trial mode.

Chance calculation programs

Winning Calculators work on the principle of analysis of game statistics. They use the history of recent rotations with all fallen rates. The forecast is automatically formed on its basis. The more information collected, the more accurate the prediction of future gaming events. The chance analyzer can be connected directly to the game, or enter data manually. There are no restrictions on the use of such software. Calculators are available on the network, which are officially recommended by the manufacturers themselves.

Statistics of rates in the roulette analyzer


The emulator is called any roulette in online casino. Software algorithms create the image of the wheel with the difference that the result determines the random number generator. In addition to official games in the online casino, this category includes emulators to calculate winnings. The application gives back at high speed. This allows in a convenient form to analyze the statistics of the game in the long term and test strategies.

You can start working with the application after installing the main settings:

  • Numbers for betting.
  • Minimum amount.
  • Maximum amount.
  • Number of rotations.
  • Coefficients for each combination.
  • Other parameters.

The emulator issues the desired number of spins and statistics with the history of the balance, description of gaming events, popular rooms.

Rotational statistics emulator

There are roulette simulators working with certain types of calculation: dozens, rates for chances selected sequences. Part of the programs is designed to test certain strategies, for example, Martingale or Kimo. Emulators work with random numbers generator.

He is not always the same that in the work of the GSH online casino and manufacturers, so the result may differ from the real.

Programs for winning

Software for winning can have other functions. There are applications that allow you to make markers over the game field, software for working with certain types of bets: red or black, dozen, etc. Some versions are designed specifically for individual types of game.

On the Internet there are enough proposals calling for money to download a program that gives a guaranteed result. The file allegedly makes changes to the roulette algorithm in online casino and helps the user get a big win. In the best case, the player simply will spend money, and at worst – will install on the computer Malicious software and will receive additional problems.

Before you download the program, it is better to analyze such information:

  • Information about the developer.
  • Reviews of players.
  • Availability of free regime.

You can find such applications in special sections of sites with free software for players.

List of free roulette programs

Players on their own experience testing the software for winning and describe it in their reviews. On their basis, a list has been created that includes the best roulette programs for calculating chances. This is a secure software with available system requirements.

  • Roulette Xtreme V2.4 (2020). One of the best roulette analyzers. The program is counting on the chances for the most common types of games: European, French and American. The client is entitled to test existing betting algorithms, as well as create strategies, use the system editor and random generator.

Roulette Xtreme

  • Roulette Tamer V2.0 (2011). Playtech Game Analyzer. The program is officially recommended by the manufacturer. It includes only the European version of the roulette, works offline. There are two battles that can be chosen based on the current balance.
  • Wheel Magister V1.3.0 (2009). Analyzes the rotation using the built-in probability calculation algorithm. Rooms can be noted independently or choose by random numbers generator. The program calculates the likelihood of rates from rates on equal chances to a group of numbers.
  • ROULETTERAID V5.0 (2015). Combines the principles of five popular game strategies for roulette. On their basis it is a suggestion that the rate can play next. According to a similar principle, ROULETTE ANALYSER V7.0.0.0, but in it the number of algorithms increased to eight.
  • ROULETTE PRO V1.2 (2017). Analyzer for the European version of the game, has a base of 1000 rotations. Statistics can be displayed in different kinds, and the archive contains video with lessons for players.
  • STATBST 1V.0.0. Utility that determines the likelihood of winning rates on red or black.
  • Realtime Roulettemaster V1.01 (2008). Calculator for the European version analyzing the game in real time.
  • WinNings V1.0 (2008). Gives the numbers to be installed for the winning, has a game balance management feature.
  • Triplex v2.0 (2020). Makes tips at rates on columns and dozens after a certain number of rotations.
  • Numerology (2014). Issues 6 numbers to which progression rates need to be.

Tips by numbers in the program Numerology

  • Easy Roulette V2.0. Analyzes 5 last spins and makes a forecast based on 134 systems.
  • ROULETTE LUCKER V1.24 (2017). Popular betting calculator for the European version. The product applies on a fee basis, but its creators suggest evaluating the analyzer in the study mode.
  • ROULETTE ASSAULT V1.0 (2009). The roulette emulator analyzes the game at speeds up to 250 spins per minute, issues the calculation of the progression and rates of five systems.
  • ROULETTE NUMBER V1.0 (2014). Easy to use the program, allows you to increase the chances of winning with the help of bets on the same number.
  • ROULETTE MOULETTE V3.0. Allows you to control the game balance and receive a forecast by the numbers in the next game based on statistics.
  • ROULETTE COMMANDER V1.0 (2012). Calculator chances for Roulette Playtech with the ability to play on well-known sites.
  • ROULETTE ASSISTANT V1.0 (2015). Simulator designed to test strategies before use in a casino.
  • ROULETTE KILLER V2.0 (2013). Convenient and easy-to-use chance analyzer at external rates.
Name of Program Identity
Roulette Xtreme V2.4 2020
Roulette Tamer V2.0 2011
Wheel Magister V1.3.0 2009

Is it possible to beat a casino using programs

It is important to understand that ideal programs for winning a roulette and casino bears – does not exist.

All legal software is only intended to help the user stay in a plus, and draw conclusions and choose the appropriate strategies in any case on your own.

There are three useful functions of this on:

  • Checking casino for honesty.
  • Testing rates.
  • Convenient work with gaming statistics.

This is a real assistance to the user who increases the chances of winning. The main ways to win roulette, which really work, remain the right use of the bankroll, the choice of a reliable site and the system with the least advantage of the casino.

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