The Bgc Association Appealed To The Government Of Great Britain With A Request To Open At The End Of The Locked

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November 24, 2022
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Casino and bookmakers of the united to introduce new restrictions against covid-19 so that it is allowed to re-open in the level 3 zones after the last lock.

In direct contact with the ministers of cabinet michael gowe and matt hancock, executive director of the "board and gaming council" michael duier said that these institutions would even further to ensure the security of covid.

The unprecedented proposal was received when it turned out that six casinos could not open in 2020, and one operator was forced to reduce the number of employees by more than 40 percenta. And casino, and the bookmakers from of 2020 worked safely, without any evidence that they contibuted to the spread of coronavirus. However, the government decided that the level 3 zones shold be closed. Bookmakers are the only part of the secondary retail, which can be determined in this way.

In letters to minister gow and health minister matt hankoku mr. Dougur described additional measures that casino and bookmakers will do to to cancel restictions.

Casino declare that are ready to stop holding games in the hall with the participation of real players, such as desktop roulette, blackjack and poker. The number of the people will be limited to be in the premises will be limited to 25 percent of the capacity, while the sale of alcohol will completely stop, if the commandant hour at 22:00, that is, during the greatest profit.

Meanwhile, the bookmaker offices promised that the would reduce the time during which customers could remain in their premises, limit the number of clients in their stores at any time, and completely stop the implementation of drinks through all their trading points.

Both sectors hope that reinforced security measures will kill the government to allow them to open up in zones of level 3 as soon as the current insulation is over.

It is also worth noting that 54,000 peple work in the casino and bookmaker offices, and they pay 1.5 billion pounds of sterling a year in the treasury in the form of taxes. Indition, the casino brings 120 million pounds per year on tourist expenses, and the bookmakers pay 280 million pounds per year on races in the field of media rights and fees.

In his letters, mr. Dougur said:

"The members of our organization fully support the efforts of the government to combat covid-19. That is why, in my opinion, the bookmakers are the most stringent measures against covid compared to any other store, and casino – with any resort or similar institution.

As you understand, the huge negative impact of the closure of their enterprises assist on personnel, customers, suppliers, and even sport, but at the sam time it has a minor impact on the health rating.

Bos bgc added:

"The impact of a pandemic is alady felt by the casino sector. There has been a significant reduction in employment, while today oneerator reduced its workforce by more than 40. At the beginning of the year, the casino enterprises had strong balances, and there no longround the background of monhly expenses up to 15 million pounds in connection with the closure of some operators. ".

Calling the government to think again, mr. Dougur said:

"I would be extremely grateful if you seriously reviewed measures that are actively offered by our members to provide additional guarantees that the level of 3 again at. Personally, i fully understand the requirements that are presented to you in this unprecedented crisis, and you use my support and sympathy. I really hope that you and your subordinates kindly familiarize youself with our suggestions on behalf of so many enterprises and thousands of employees. ".

Source: the betting and gaming council official website

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