The British Online Game Industry Recorded Income Increase

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January 27, 2023
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Uk gambling operators income increased by 4.2% thanks to the online gambling sector.

The British Online Game Industry Recorded Income Increase
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The overall revenue from gambling (ggy) for the 12-month period, ended march 31, 2018, has grown to £five.3 billion (€6 billion / $ 6.8 billion), while the share of the online sector currently accounts for 37% of the total market volume.

The total market profitability rose by 4.2% compared with the previous year and amouunted to £fourteen.4 billion, according to the british gambling commission (ukgc), with an increase in the sector of interactive games in the amount of 12.8%, including rates, bingo and casino.

Online gembling

Of the total amount in £five.3 billion ggy online games the largest income brought interactive casinos and sports rates – £2.9 billion (54.6%) and £2.1 billion (38.7%), respectively. The remaining 6.6% fell on bingo (£164.8 million, or 3.1%), stock rates (£160.1 million, or 3%) and rates on the pool (£28.7 million, or 0.Five%).

Most of the ggy in the online casino sector amounted to revenue from slot machines – £2 billion (69.1%) of the total amount followed by board games – £311.1 million.

In the betting sector: football rates – £1 billion, followed by rates on jumps – £610 million.

During the reporting period, the number of active customer accounts for all licensed operators increased by 12.Nine% – before £33.6 million. At the same time, the registration of new accounts increased by 14.4% – before £35.4 million. Financial analysts predict that growth will be fixed in the reporting period, which ended september 30, 2018. Data will be available in february 2019.

Ground gembling

Ground Gembling

As for landforming institutions, the overall ggy decreased by 4.One% – before £3.3 billion. The bulk of income came from over-the-counter rates to which £3.1 billion, followed by them £146.5 million from rates wort pool and £25.8 million – from live rates.

However, ggy from the rates is likely to significantly decrease from april 2019, since the maximum amount of bets on fobt terminals will be reduced to £2. Slot machines made up £one.8 billion from ggy, and the b2 slot machines brought 96.1% of this amount.

The number of rates (pps) items decreased by 1.8% compared with the same period last year and amount to 8406. It is expected that this figure will decrease as a result of the reduction of the share of the fobt. Pps, owned by william hill, make up 27.1% of all british betting shops, ladbrokes – 22%. With a 19.6% stake in betfred ranks third, followed by gala coral, as well as ladbrokes, which is part of the gvc group, from 18.3% of all pps in the uk.

Recall: ukgc announced the launch of the new product. Reception of service for servicing personal functional licenses is already open.

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