The Cabinet Of Ministers Of Japan Approves Casino Standards

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February 8, 2022
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The cabinet of ministers of japan on march 26 approved standards for casino resorts. According to them, irks should be built with large hotels, much bigger than those currently exist in the country. The presence of exhibition and conference rooms is also a mandatory requirement for complex resorts (ir).

The Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Approves Casino Standards

Prime minister shinzo abe as part of a government meeting before approving the cabinet of ministers create a castry would strive to create a casino-resorts of an unprecedented large scale and high quality. The governments seeks to open an irkz in three places by the mid-2020s.

At the facility will be located hotels, conference rooms and shops. In japan, the araseage size number has an area of ​​50 kv. M, for the hotel with casino, 2,000 such numbers will be required, which largely exceeds the average.

As for conference rooms and exhibition sites, operators will have to corresponder to the three main criteria. Casino complex must include a conference center that accommodates 3,000 people with an exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters. M. The maximum area of ​​casino should be 3% of the total area of ​​the integrated resort.

In addition, standards establish that advertising casino can be accommodated only in international terminals of air and seaports. The government will also create a new casino management commission, which details the rules.

Earlier it became known that the japanese prefectures of nagasaki and wakakima are ready to open the objects of ircs on their territory.

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