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January 10, 2022
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Columbia county lawmakers adopted a bill on the legalization of sports rates in the capital of the united states on the last day of the session.

The Capital of the United States Legalized Sports Betting

The draft law on amending the regulation of the betting industry from the 2018, submitted by a member of the washington board by jack evans in september last year, was adopted with the ratio of votes 11-2.

Now he must be signed by the mayor of washington muriel bower, which, according to media reports, did not prevent his adoption. Since colombia county is not a state, the process of adopting a bill must be approved by the federal government through consideration by the us congress, which has been allocated for this task 60 days.

The council for the control of the district of columbia will be renamed the management of the lottery and gambling and will be responsible for issuing licenses to class a or in.

Class a licenses with an application contribution of $ 250,000 and for the opportunity to engage in bookmake in 4 objects: training camps of the national basketball association and the national hockey league; audi field, where the highest league football matches are held; in the national park, where the games of the higher league of baseball are held; in the arena st. Elizabeths east.

To engage in legal betting outside these objects, class b licenses will be issued with an application contribution of $ 50,000 and for a period of five years.

Operators will be taxed in the amount of 10% of gross income income in sports rates, while the first earned $ 200,000 will be transferred to financing the programs of the behavioral health department devoted to. From the remaining amount of 50% will be allocated to the county programs.


American igor association (aga) welcomed the adoption of the bill, stating that the rate of tax in the amount of 10% is «reasonable». She also highly appreciated the exception of the previously reviewed fee for honesty, which was «rightly rejected» in other us jurisdictions who adopted sports rates legislation.

It expected that next year the sports rates, following the extample of new jersey, pennsylvania and several other states that are already receiving tax revenues from gambling operations.

Recall that earlier the us gambling association opposed the creation of single gambling legislation.

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