The Casino-Industry Of Belarus Is Waiting For Changes

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January 17, 2022
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In belarus, plan to revise the rules for organizing gambling. Relevant draft resolution «on the rules of organization and (or) carrying out gambling» submitted to public discussion by the ministry of taxes and claims of belarus.

The casino-industry of Belarus is waiting for changes

In connection with the legalization of the market of gambling online games in belarus, the rules for organizing gambling business in the state will be expanded. In particular, a new type of activity will be taken into account – contents of a virtual gambling establishment.

In addition, the bookmakers, as well as tote on the internet will be adjusted by separate standards. To date, the existing document has provisions regarding the procedure for registering by the battors of game accounts, their identification, as well as the accrual of winnings and bonuses. Totalizer games on the territory of the state are currently not conducted by any gembling operator.

In addition, now in the legislative levels there is no duty to make changes or additions to the rules in order to update them, taking into account the reform in the field of gambling business. De facto this causes a number of difficulties between the organizers and participants of gambling, so, citizens often cannot seek help from competent authorities. That is why operators will begin to make changes to the rules and report this within three months after the entry into force of new regulatory acts.

Also in connection with the legalization in belarus online gambling market in the document expanded list of permitted gambling.

Moreover, a new order of self-slip is introduced. Now a person or his close relatives will be able to independently apply for access limitation not only to land casino, but also interactive. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the permanent commission on the legislation of the house of representatives maxim misco. New position will come into force on april 1, 2019.

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