The Champion Of The Olympic Games And Ufc Is Trying In Vain To Touch Lomachenko

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March 10, 2022
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Henry sedeudo, oi champion in beijing in beijing and recently the ufc champion, on his twitter page, the second day in a row is trying to call one of the best boxers of modernity, vasily lomachenko. Does the fight and who benefits – we understand in the material.

The Champion of the Olympic Games and Ufc Is Trying in Vain to Touch Lomachenko

Yesterday, news publications came out with reports that the ufc champion in the lowest weight, henry sedeudo, caused vasily lomachenko to fight. At first, this news seemed to be absurd and did not quite fit in the head and except for a frank cross, did not cause any emotion. But memories of the battles of maevezer against mcgregor, lobov against the floor of malignani forced to think about.

It was the last match, apparently, and became a trigger, after which henry had this idea. On his page, mexican wrote and wrote: «artem lobov, the former fighter ufc, wins the unanimous decision of the judges of the ex-world boxing champion, paul malignani. What will happen that will be if the champion of the olympic games and ufc against vasily lomachenko meet in boxing?»

And indeed, henry – interesting fighter. He – golden medalist oi in beijing, and more recently the king of the lowest ufc division. He won his title by defeating by knockout (strikes) marlon moores. But, if he wants to beat vasily according to the rules of boxing, he, frankly, no chance. And, as if sehudo, in his other post, nor reminded fans that lomachenko had aldy lost to mexican, he could hardly help him.

Strength and technique loms recognize all experts and top fighters. No wonder the ukrainian ranks first in several pound-for-pound ratings. Read more about it you can read in our special materials about the boxer.

If henry thinks to drag vasily into octave, then this is an uncommon’s case. Lomachenko has repeatedly said that mma and boxing are quite different things. In addition, the boxer is busy with another case, his main goal is currently – become an absolute champion in light weight. Altogh today’s video from instagram athlete allows ufc lovers to gain hope that they will ever see it in a cage. On him «scrap» works out shocks.

Interestingly, mcgregor have repeatedly appealed to the ukrainian with a proposal to debut in octave. The possible rival of irishman just called henry sedeudo, believing that the fight two olympic champions would be very interesting. This is an excellent pr for the organization and good broadcast income.

Previously, we we wrote that the hairstyle of lomachenko revealed part of the fans in shock.

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