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March 30, 2022
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Lawyer-veteran michael in. Dotts reported that it was no longer the general legal adviser imperial pacific international (cnmi) llc llc, but is stll an ipi lawyer in several cases.

In response to the request of saipan tribune, dotts informed that his contract was to work as the head legal adviser expired on december 31, 2020, and that he did not conclude a new contract with the company.

"Most of my work of the chief legal adviser actually stopped in early deceptuble, when ipi could no longer pay me," he said.

In may 2020, dotts reported that the ipi services of the general counsel in the transition period of the company. He determined that the chief legal adviser means the company’s presentation in legal matters. Oh is "in everything that happens".

"An employee steals something in the morning, an accident occurred during the workplace in the afternoon, and the government wants to investigate everything that happens. And the company call call a lawyer and solve this problem, "he commented.

As for the resignation of donald brown from the post of head ancutive director ipi, dotts reported, although he may have resigned, he would still have to appear before the federal court on january 21, 2021.

District court of the united states when considering the main judge nmi ramona in. Manglona ordered brown and chairman of the ipi cui lee jie to appear before court on january 21 at 8:30 am in connection with the claim of the cere department of labor against ipi.

Manglona warned that the non-appearance could lead to the issuance of a court order for the arrest of kui and brown.

Dotts noted that brown can be condemned, but, but, be convicted for violotion of the court order, which he was not notfied. And brown did not know that on december 1, 2020 there will be a settlement payment in favor of the us department of labor in the amount of more than 1 million dollars.

He said that the decision on consent also requires the ipi compliance with federal labor laws, and non-payment of employees is a violation of these laws.

"But, based on the statement of donald brown, he believed that all workers would pay for christmas to christmas. He did not intend to violate the law, "dotts added.

Ipi is under independent observation due to the suit of the that minister of labor usa. Alexandra akosta to the federal court against ipi on violations of the law on fair labor standards in the construction of its casino / spa project in garatapa.

To resolve the trial, ipi and acosta have agreed to make a judgment on agreement in april 2019. Ipi agreed to pay a total of $ 3.36 million, of which 1.58 million dollars constitute unpaid payments for wages, another 1.58 million dollars in the form of pre-estimated losses and $ 200,000 – civil fines.

Source: saipan tribune edition 

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