The Coach Of “Spartacus” Tedesco Domenico Continued To Experiment With Composition And Lost To “Arsenal”

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April 18, 2022
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Russian premier league in full swing: the changes in the table, winning loud and controversial defeat. The focus has also been and moscow «spartacus», new coach who never ceases to amaze experiments in composition and gaming scheme team in each match.

The coach of 'Spartacus' Tedesco Domenico continued to experiment with composition and lost to 'Arsenal'
Content: 1. Tedesco – new coach «spartak», but for how long? One.One. Main coach «spartak» tedesco did not display a stable strategy

Tedesco – new coach «spartak», but for how long?

Draw with «ruby», victory over «locomotive» and «rostov» – such results are delighted fans who imbued with respect to the new coach «spartak» tedesco. However, the loss in a match against tula «arsenal» forced to doubt. More details about the game against «rostov» we wrote in our separate article.

Teams met in the framework of the 15th round rpl. The result was the victory of the tula team with a minimum score. In the main factors of the game and performance in the course of the match, the wards of domenico looked more impressive.

????️ domenico tedesco: «poorly spent the first half and did not deserve victories»

press conference of the head coach of the red-white after the match # spartakarsenal: https: // t.Co / 7zwyvifzw0 # tedesco # spartak # shouting

— fc spartak moscow (@fcsm_official)
november 4, 2019

The owners owned a ball 65% of the time, caused more strikes on the goal. However, muscovites failed to score for the same reason why the team missed the opponent – technically, they are weaker.

The fact is that domenico tedesko applied the classical tactics of the team to which kononov used. However, german put on this scheme of other players, unevenly distributing the roles.

Main coach «spartak» tedesko will not bring stable tactics

Head Coach'Spartak' Tedesko will not lead a stable tactic

It difficult to determine what is terrible: do not score the third goalkeeper tula «arsenal» or in principle to lose tula «arsenalu». Indeed, the team of the guests played not fully the main composition, as a result, a goalkeeper club number three became one of the figures. However, now it’s not about this. Tedesco should pay tribute, because the coach tries different options to bring a new and perfectly suitable scheme for modern «spartak».

In a special article, we analyzed the defeat in exection «spartak», in which the team from the champions league was injured.

Holding for experiments, and the coach itself, and the team with fans shoul untand that by changing the match in the match on the field, it impossible to seek only positive results.

For example, jano ananidze first turned out to be in the support zone and, roughly speaking, failed his task in this position. It is not clear why mirzz went to the place of forward and played no better than ananidze. Onsuccessful personnel actions tedesko sacrificed the first half, and in the second the team simply did not have time to adapt and recoup.

Previously, we we wrote about the details of the sale of the moscow club owner leonid fedun.

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