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February 1, 2022
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The chamber of the northern mariana islands unanimously adopted the law, which clarifies and expands the powers of the commission commission on casino. Now the document is sent to the governor ralph d.L.G. Torres for decision making.

All 20 representatives voted for the adoption of the draft law 21-11 of the house of representatives, which also made changes to the commonwealth code, given the unique role of the regulator.

Vice-speaker of the house of representatives lorenzo and. Deleon germero (saipan province) presented the law in february 2019. Senate unanimously adopted a law with amendments on march 13 last year.

According to the draft law, it the commission, and not the minister of finance, as provided for in the commonwealth code of the commonwealth, must create and maintain the fund of regulatory fees, which will be stored separately from the general government fund.

The bill provides that as an autonomous agency, the casino commission defines a staffing schedule for regular, seasonal and temporary employees, as well as the right to issue a license for a casino. The current law gives such powers of the commission for the commonwealth lottery.

Chairman of the board commission edward. Deleon gerrero said that this bill is located in the legislative assembly from the 19th meeting of the legislative assembly. It appeared in the 20th, and then in the 21st legislative assembly. Deleon gerrero hopes torres support the law:

"It would increase the ability of the casino commission to ensure compliance with the requirements of the initial law on gambling. And really clarified and eliminated some ambiguity. We do not have the authority in quite many areas for which we are accused of ".

Germero notic pacific casino licensee as an example

"Commission members must fulfill their duties – not harm the ipi, but to make it understand that" enough ". I have some comments about this, but if members of the chamber are going to support us, we will discuss it later ".

Source: saipan tribune edition

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