The Creation Of Any Commission With The Authority Prescribed In The Specified Bill Is The Emergence Of A Corruption “Feeder” – Alexander Dubinsky

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April 19, 2022
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The author of an alternative bill, which was filed in the verkhovna rada of ukraine at number 2285-3 november 6, 2019, during the themed round table in ia «ukrinform» told about why the draft law of 2285 and others will not contribute to the detection of the gambling market. Our journalists visited the meeting so that you did not miss anything.

The creation of any commission with the authority prescribed in the specified bill is the emergence of a corruption 'feeder' - Alexander Dubinsky
Content: 1. On draft laws on the detection of gambling business in ukraine2. About the current work of gembling in the shadows3. About full ban lottery4. What exactly should be responsible. On the location of the casino and their profitability6. About gambling regulator

It is deployed to bring the position of alexander dubinsky, the people’s deputy from the party «servant of the people», deputy committee on finance, tax and customs policy, with respect to individual moments and lawmaking in terms of legalization of gambling.

On draft laws on the depection of gambling business in ukraine

I believe that the bill 2285, filed by the cabinet of ministers, and alternative initiatices of my colleagues do not solve the problem of the legalization of gambling market in ukraine. We have the same situation that have developed in 2009, when the term of the law, and the lottery and gambling began to work according to transitional provisions.


  • We don’t stop «las vegas», who turned on the streets;
  • We allow you to exist with lotteries having vlt terminals and in fact, replacing slot machines;
  • Leave unpunished «the black» gambling business.

About the current work of gembling in the shade

«The black» gambling business can be reconciled in threee months. If you open the salon in the renten room, equip vlt terminals, each of which costs $ 100, then in three months you will receive 100 or 200% of profit on the attached amount. Clean the salons from the streets can only be banned by lotteries for the transitional perioding of the salons, the implementation of the actions of the gambling business, as well as responsibility for «wedge». Theraefore, i think there must be a clear separation.

Now we have a law that allows «gray» and «black» establishments and continue to work, opening twin salons on the streets. In other words, one – license for 10 – its photocopy. There are operators who have 1000-1200 salons in general without licenses, and them not going to receive.

About the Current Work of Gembling In The Shade

Now for the so-called umbrella, that is, the provision of licenses for the franchise, «m.From.L.» and «unl» take 30-31% from turnover and provide your own program monitoring of winnings and turnover «the outside» takes 6% of the turnover and also provides its program. You still need to pay a certain amount of bandits, district police, so that he does not see you, but the amount of payments for illegal business is still significantly lower.

About full ban lotter

If someone thinks to let the lotteries work further – three operators, one operator and t. D., – then nothing will come of it, because they will continue to exist «in black». And especially dangerous in this sense is the so-called transitional period: let’s give them to refine another year, and then we hold down to buy licenses. That’s it with such logic in 2009 continued to work «m.From.L.», unl i «patriot», as well as sleeping license «oschadbank», which is not current now. And for 10 years there is no new law.

Because to solve this issue, you need to do three decisive steps:

One. To prohibit all the gambling salons on the street at all – need to stop this «las vegas».

2. Slot machines and casinos should only be in hotels.

3. Responsibility should be the most severe.

What exactly should be responsible

What exactly should be responsible

We need three points of responsibility:

One. Criminalization of the article of the criminal procedure code for illegal gambling business (without a license) – from 5 years old.

2. For participation in ensuring the activities of gambling business, for example, providing premises for rent, selling equipment, providing information networks, advertising and t. D. – from 5 years with confiscation of property.

3. If people who perform the functions of the state are involved in the activities of illegal gambling business, i.E. Officials or representatives of law enforcement agencies, – from 12 years of conclusion.

Such measures will not give anyone to work illegally, and we solve all the problems.

So, the mechanism is: from january 1 – bans of all gambling establishments on the street with a postponement of license to them for six months or 12 months. Please form a new market, get ready, get licenses and start working from the 2021th, but already civilized.

On the location of the casino and their profitability

Gambling business – it’s like cigarettes, vodka or drugs. He will always exist. And businessmen will pay any price to play how to come. Case only across gambling. We are talking about the existence of salons with slot machines in hotels. Why this rule was spelled out in an alternative bill that i filed? Because hotel – already a business and it is easier to control. We know where he is who his owner and he has something to lose.

Due to laws on the protection of foreign investment four casinos in kyiv are now working legally. One of them, in the center of the capital, has $ 25 million profits per year. Therefore, a fee for a license in the amount of $ 10-15 million is quit justified and will pay off.

About gambling regulator

About gambling regulator

I believe that cabinet bill – in favor «chernukhi». If you take it, everything will remain as it is now. The only thing that will change – will not work in mafakh at the station. Or will continue to work, but the will remove the signs and will not let let, if there is no card permanent client.

And therefore the creation of any commission with the authority prescribed in the sectified draft law, – it’s just the appearance of corruption «cordushki». Still to this to work on the market to foreigners and in general will be super.

If the commission itself begins to prescribe responsibility for violations, the market will arise in the market. The functions of such a commission must be reduced to minimal: consideration and termination of licenses, consideration of players complaints and control of online monitoring systems. And the supervision shold be carried out by the ministry of finance. It is necessary to fully fix in the law – amounts, lots, quantity, responsibility, criminalization. And whether gambling salons will be tax agents, tooo, we must understand with the ministry of finance. This shold be a law that can resolve this market.

In our country, other methods are impossible to hurt the gambling market. The volume of receipt of this business is about $ 1 billion per monh, for the loaf gives about 6% of this amount. Because or a hard approach, or no regulation.

Recall, recently we told that czech provider of software for online casino plans to ukraine.

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