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April 15, 2022
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Despite the statements by the national press that an increase in the tax on the gambling business will damage the ground gembling-segment, the ministry of finance of the czech republic still defended its decision to increase taxes on some types of gambling.

The Czech Ministry of Finance Will Increase Gambling Tax

The ministry stated an increase in tax and, accordingly, the income that will receive the government will help support efforts to protect people from harm that can be applied by gambling.

Since january 2020, a new system will share taxes on threee levels, depending one difficult for society is one or another type of gambling activity. Today, the tax for the gembling industry is set in the amount of 23% of the operator gross income (ggr). And slot machines are taxed at 35% of ggr.

Lottery, live-games and bingo operators will be taxed in 30%, in comparison with current tax, which is equal to 23%. Also tax on the rates with the established coefficient will rise from 23 to 25%. The ministry said that some of the additional funds that will be obtained after the introduction of higher taxes, the government use to maintain nationwide initiatives to address gambling issues related to.

The czech newspaper e15 steated that opposition parties, as well as members of the czech social democratic party includes, togener with ano 2011, oppose this decision.

Irzhi dolish, a member of the budget of the communist party of bohemia and moravia (ksčm), said that the government shold reconsider the decision before entering the ruling. He put forward an alternative proposal according to which tax rates on the lottery, live-games, bingo and rates with fixed coefficients remain the slot machines will rise from 35 to 38%. The politician noted that the government sholyd be focused on solving problems associated with gambling can carry more risks than some types of gorund gambling games.

Government Focuses Should Be Focused On Increasing Taxes for Gaming Machine Operators

He clarified thout the principal of government shold be focused on increasing taxes for gaming machine operators, which are the most harmful. According to him, it is necessary to reasonably distribute the tax burden between the types of gambling depending on their social risk. At the same time, the ministry of finance is not interested in such a discussion.

The ministry, in turn, respondd with the fact that new rates are established on the basis of the successful from the law on gambling from the introduction of which 90% of illegal online games disappeared from the local market.

Also in the department clarified that from next year a new self-exclusion system will be launched as an additional opportinity to protect against ludomania. The system will include information on persons who want to receive benefits, went bankrupt, are subjects of a court decision, as well as persons whoed at treating from the courting, and those that used the function of self -slip.

Disagreement with the decision on tax rates in 2019, as well as the opinion that this decision does not apply to online gembling, the ministry explains as a distorted understanding of the objectives of the tax law.

Recall, the indicators of unclaimed winnings in the united states are higher than in russia.

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