The Eldest Son Of Ovechkin Went Along The Path Of His Father

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June 1, 2022
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The son of alexander ovechkin sergey pemlyogu is mastered by the father’s profession: the boy takes the club daily and even worries bow. The eldest son of the famous hockey player is not yet two years old, but it is alady attached to hockey.


Hockey player ovechkin showed a cute video from the training of a senior son

The famous captain «washington capitals» alexandra ovechkin two little sons – sergey and ilya. Senior boy, seinezh, in august 2020 will be 2 years old, while younger ilya was born a month ago.

Russian hockey player repeatedly said that he would not force his boys to go to hockey and become professional athletes, giving the choice of sons. Alexander with his wife anastasia insist that their children have the opportunity to choose any spheres and professions that they want.

However, judging by the video and photos of ovechkin sergey, the boy does not need to make a stick in his hands. In one of the last interviews, alexander admitted that seryozha does not spend without a stick in his hands, kicking everything that comes across the eyes.

Sergey also often helps his father play a hockey simulator on the prefix: and alexander, and anastasia more thanne laid out similar video. The eldest son of ovechkin also took part in the father’s charitable online match against wayne gretzki: the famous hockey players gathered about $ 17 million to fight coronavirus. By the way, we told more about this game in our separate article.

On the eve, in the ovechkin account in «instagram» a series of videos appeared on which small seinery works out the shutter. The boy trained on an asphalt surface: on the site at the gate was put up in a row of washers, which the son of a hockey player took turns scored. On video «ovi» he tells his son to score a goal, after which the boy obediently following the instructions of the father, sending all the washers in the gate grid.

In our special article, we disassemble an interview with alexander ovechkin, in which he admitted, what his own sons want to grow.

Previously, we wtrote about free online hockey training for children who organized evgeny malkin for a quarantine period.

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