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February 11, 2022
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The European Commission Proposed 2 Bills About Digital Space

On december 15, 2020, the european commission proposed a digital space reform, a comprehensive set of new rules for all digital services, including social networks, online markets and other online platforms that operate in the european union: act of digital services and a law on digital markets.

Based on both proposals lie european values. New rules will protect consumers and their basic rights on the network and will lead to more fair and open digital markets for all. The modern set of rules in the unified market will promote innovations, growth and competitiveness and provide users with new, best and reliable online services. It will also support the scaling of small platforms, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, providing them with easy access to customers in the entire single market and reducing the cost of compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, new rules prohibit the unfair conditions imposed by online platforms that have become or expected to become a single market gatekeepers. These two sentences underlie the desire of the european commission to hold a digital decade in europe.

Margret vestier, executive vice pressident said:

"These two sentences serve as one goal: make sure that we, as users, have access to a wide range of safe products and services on the internet. And that enterprises operating in europe can freely and honestly compete on the internet as well as offline. This is one world. We must be able to make purchases in a safe way and trust the news that we read. Because what is illegally offline, also illegal and online.

Commissioner for the internal market tierry breton said:

"Many online platforms began to play a central role in the lives of our citizens and enterprises and even in our society and democracy as a whole. With today’s suggestions, we organize digital space for the next decades. Thanks to harmonized rules, expected obligations, better supervision, operational compliance and deterrens, we guarantee that anyone who offers and uses digital services in europe benefits from security, confidence, innovation and business opportunities. ".

Today’s landscape of digital services is significantly different from the e-commerce directive created 20 years ago. Online mediators have become vital participants in digital transformation. Online platforms, in particular, have created significant advantages for consumers and innovation, facilitated cross-border trade in and outside the union and also opened new opportunities for various european enterprises and traders. At the same time, the can be used as a means of distributing illegal content or the sale of illegal goods or services on the internet. Some very large players have become quasi-state space for information exchange and online trade. They acquired a systemic nature and create special risks for users’ rights, information flows and public participation.

The law on digital services and the law on digital markets are a european response to the process of deep reflection, in recent years, the commission, eu member states and many other jurisdictions have been involved to understand the influence that digitalization – and in particular the online platform – has on society and economics.

The commission held consultations with a wide range of stakeholders in the preparation of this legislative package. In the summer of 2020, consultations were held with stakeholders for further support of evidence to identify specific issues that may require interference at the eu level in the context of the digital service and new competition tool. Open public consultations in the preparation of today’s package that took place from june to september 2020, more than 3,000 responses from the entire spectrum of digital economy and from around the world were obtained. 

Source: official website of the european commission

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