The Fall Of Bitcoin Influenced Russian Legislation

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January 31, 2023
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Russian depeuty prime minister maxim akimov believees that today is no need to hurry with the adoption of cryptocurrency regulation legislation, since the market volatility is tooo high.


He explained this by the fact that such a significant decline of the market, which is observed from november 15, is aless to change its fundamental parameters. Thus, according to the expert, the representatives of the state duma of the russian federation are better to take the expectant position of legislation in such an unstable period. Indition, it is necessary to analyze how altcoins will behave later, after decline in the price of the first cryptocurrency.

In turn, representatives of the presidential administration disagree with this conclusion. The believe that it is necessary to adopt a draft law on digital assets already within the framework of the spring session in 2019.

Akimov added that there are currently no essential quotes. According to him, it it item of the document to make it flexible, as well as take ito account the interests of all sides.

Earlier it became known that the law «about digital financial assets» will be returned to the first reading stage.

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