The Fate Of The Lottery Tax In India Will Decide Later

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January 17, 2022
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The gst council of india at its last meeting abstained from making a decision on whether to reduce whether the 28% tax on goods and services (gst) for lotteries.

The Fate Of The Lottery Tax in India Will Decide Later

According to the information of the local news publication business today, the council still considers various opinions at the tax rate. It caused controversymy among the lottery companies that warned that the high tax would to an increase in the share of the illegal market.

Police already arrested several organizers of illegal lotteries who write out tickets from hand, and not print official to avoid gst cards.

For further study of the issue, a special group of ministers was formed. Minister of finance arun jateley said that it will include representatives of the indian states in which the lottery operations are developing and carriy out. Also in jurisdrawing the group will be the formation of a single tax on lottery operations for all states.

Business today reports that at the previous meeting, the gst council reduced the tax rate for seven articles, which previously assumed 28% of the tax, which is the highest possible rate at present.

From july 1 last year, private distributors of the lottery are taxed in 28%, only 12% charge with state lotteries.

In september 2018, the central commissioner gst in ludhiyan filed a complaint on three operators, accusing them in an attempt to evade tax paying. According to the company did not file gst returns and did not contribute to the payment of gst clients in the treasury as needed.

Private distributors argue that the distinction between private and government agencies is discriminatoryory. Despite this, the question was settled by the higher court calcutta in favor of the government. In the oktyabrsky resolution, judge debangu basak said that the lottery can be classified as goods to which gst can be imposed.

Recall that the all-indian gambling federation (aigf) appealed to the prime minister of the country asking to block payments between local players and licensed in the international market for gambling operators.

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