The Figure Skater Alina Zagitova Delivered Her Sister On His Birthday

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April 26, 2022
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The olympic champion in figure skating alina zagitova is the younger sister sabina. Famous figure skater posted a video reaction sister on an expensive gift. Read more in material.

The figure skater Alina Zagitova delivered her sister on his birthday

Sabina zagitova follows in the footsteps of the older sister

Do not everyone know that alina zagitova has a younger sister, her sabine name is, and the difference in the age of them is 5 years. She already follows in the footsteps of his famous relative, but while he is engaged in izhevsk, where he lives with parents. In one of his posts in instagram, sabina confessed that he also plans to try to enter the group to eter tutberidze. In the network you can find excerpts of a young athlete rehearsals.

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Alina in one of his interviews commented on the ability of the sister. According to her, while the younger is not yet everything, but it tries, although it is harmful. According to the memoirs of the triumphators of the european championship, peace, russia and the olympiad, at the age of 11 she also did not all work.

Between sisters warm relationships, at least from the side and it seems that they are quite different. If alina seems quiet and modest, then sabina – yurkaya and energetic. Today is the younger zagitis birthday. It became known from the video that the older sister posted on his page. On her athlete gives a gift that apple’s smartphone is the latest model. Such a surprise caused genuine joy from the girl.

While commentators guess whether sabina zagitova will achieve the success of his older sister and whether alina suspended his sports career herself and focused on preparing for the upcoming ice show. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

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