The First Event Ice North America Desserved World-Class Applause

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March 1, 2022
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The first issue of ice north america successfully passed last week in the exhibition complex in boston, massachusetts, and gained a lot of positive feedback from industry leaders and regulators.

The First Event Ice North America Desserved World-Class Applause

The event was attended by 42 expitors and more than 200 expert speakers, which a total of 1729 delegates were. The whole ecosystem of sports betting and interactive gemina was presented here, including policy makers, leaders, legislative bodies, key operators and company executives.

«I would like to officially make gratitude to everyone who visited ice north america: organizations that supported an event as exhibitors or sponsors; those who shared professional ideas during conferences. And also gratitude to the clarion team, including the ambassadora of our brand of roy stoyudent, who helped hold an event, worthy of ice name», – commented on the success of the first ice north america general director of clarion gaming kate chember.

As the head of the organization said, the event will be improved further. Through the ampersand initiative, the company cooperates in order to strengthen the aspects of ice north america, which showed their effectiveness, and the improvements of those areas that require this require.

«Ice north america 2019 presented the largest and most influential combination of the sports industry in the geigning sector of north america, and we are focused on the development of these successes, since we wek in the direction of the since release, which will be held from 8 to 10 june 2020 in austin, texas», – added chember.

Commenting on positive reviews, sam rattner, founder and partner of the winner launchpad – linelibrary, – described ice north america as «exciting spectacle». He added that this event – this is a great opportunity to offer a global exchange in the sports betting industry in front of the audience of the leaders of the opinions and executives of companies.

«I had the opportinity to fly to boston from washington in one day and to semive what i call the semi-annual volume of non-massaging with the top managers. To traditional casinos and sports betting suppliers, we added advanced online and software companies, which will become the following breakthrough. The whole experience was awesome!», – noted josh fiber, senior advisor in spectrum esports advisors and esports capital.

According to the clarion gaming organizer, representatives from 59 gameing jurisdictions attended ice north america. The most outstanding of them were usa, since their representatives amount to 62% of those present. In addition to north america, argentina, australia, belarus, canada, china, czech republic, denmark, egypt, france, germany, india, holland, israel, malta, united kingdom and many others entered the list of visitors’ countries.

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