The First Real Complexities Of Alina Zagito In An Adult Career

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January 30, 2023
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The gold medalist of the olympic games in south korea alina zagitova was the favorite of the grand prix final in canada, but lost to a new rising star from japan rica kihir. Third result showed elizabeth tuktamysheva.

The first real complexities of Alina Zagito in an adult career

Source photo: kp.Ru

The final of the grand prix in figure skating among women as a whole ended successfully for russian sports: two figure skaters from russia were on the pedestal. At the same time, despite the validity of the results, the expectations of the fans were not justified, since the whole country expected from the gold medalist of the alina gold victory olympiad in the tournament. 16-year-old star, who started this season with confident victories at two stages in russia and finland, missed the final, where he had lost his leadership from japan rica kihir.

At a press conference after the speech, alina shared his feelings:

«I’m trying, of course, not to look back, but this season i am really more difficult to morally… the first season in adults nobody from you not much waiting to perform easier. Now i’m nervous a little more. You need to cope still with your nerves and nothing to think about».

Another russian figure skater, 21-year-old elizabeth tuktamysheva, took the third place on this evening on the honor tumba. For athletes this is the best season over the past few years. After the question of journalists, whats is the question of her lift, lisa replied that at present, figure skating is noticeably rejected, but, despite this, she was able to sort out himself and learned at his age to enjoy what makes.

Name of the athlete

The country

Total points

Rick kihira



Alina zagitova



Elizabeth tuktamysheva



Kaori sakamoto



Sophia savorov



Satoko miyajara



Excerpt speeches elizabeth tuktamysheva

Isu gpf 2018 vancouver pic.Twitter.Com / eypxzpkgaf

— isu figure skating (@isu_figure)
december 8, 2018.

Zagitova lost due to injury?

The possible reason for not the best speech by alina zagitova could be the trauma of the foot, which she received the day before the arbitrary program. Reports about it «soviet sports», referring to the words of canadian figure skateman ted barton. He said that the girl did not notice the television cable and injured the foot, after which the team thought even to remove alin from the compettion.

Alina zagitova at the grand prix in canada: excerpt from speech

Isu gpf 2018 vancouver pic.Twitter.Com / kaptkv8xwz

— isu figure skating (@isu_figure)
december 8, 2018.

Russian athletes no time get upset because of the results of the grand prix finals, since the russian figure skating championship starts on december 19.

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