The First Went: The Vfla Present Was Suspended “Temporary”, In The Organization Itself, Serious Problems

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April 21, 2022
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«Scandal lysenko», more precisely, the first wave of his consequences, has become a loud news in global sports. Not to mention russia, which in parallel is experiencing proceedings on inconsistencies in the laboratory of moscow. Explain that all this means and how not to get involved in scandals with the participation of russia.

The First Went: The Vfla President Was Suspended'temporary', in the organization itself, serious problems

Vfla and iaaf did not find a common language: removal of halchina and – only beginning

All-russian federation of athletics (vfla) remained without leadership after 15 monhs of analysis and proceedings of iaaf and aiu in the russian jumper case danil lysenko.

In 2018, the athlete missed the obligatory delivery of samples for doping three times, after which the vfla officials provided a document that would partly justify the actions of lysenko. Paper turned out to be fake.

In a separate material, we analyzed the choice of the new chapter wada and its position regarding russia.

In 2018, the athlete missed the mandatory charge for doping three times

Worst of all that the leadership of the federation in the face of heads of snakhtina, the executive director of parkina, the heads of sports programs orlova, the anti-doping coordinator of the iconnikon, recognized as involved in the development and implementation of the lysenko cover scheme.

All officials are removed, as well as an athlete with a coach. Temporary procedure, however, the final verdict for the federation itself is not yet. In september, iaaf had already made it clear that she had many questions to russia, when he extended deprivation of status at the world cup. Local athletes performed under a neutral flag, but the public was concerned about another scandal.

We are talking about changing data in a laboratory base in moscow for which rusada is responsible. It is difficult to estimate which of the scandals is worse, but the second is exactly larger. In a separate material, we dismantled in more detail and rated the severity of the consequences.

After all this, snakhtin said that it is better to wait for the presidium, on which the position of the country and the federation will become clearer. After him, he is going to consider the option with a full resignation, although far from everything depends on him. Assembly will be held soon.

Earlier, we wrote about the accusations of yuri ganus to chuvash athletes in the use of doping.

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