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January 6, 2022
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The government of france refused the idea of ​​building casino institutions in paris, stopping his choice on exclusive gaming clubs in london style, which reg aristry of the interior was reported on friday.

The FRENCH Government Prohibits a Casino in Paris

Such clubs will replace the scandalous famous gambling halls «cercles de jeux», which in 2008 began to close (everything except two) due to suspicion of money laundering of the corsican mafia.

So, in paris there was a shortage of gambling establishments, which decided to use the minister of internal affairs bernard kazenov to search for the country of additional profit for the country.

In february, he asked jean-pierra dieport, head of the igor commission of france, is it possible to revive gambling industry in the city.

Dieport made up a report that was represented by the public on friday, with towo main ideas: replace halls «cercles de jeux» at the casino or choose gambling clubs in the london style, which will offer classic casino games with the exception of slots.

Initially, the government was more likely to choose a casino, which, according to diepresents, could bring 45.6 million euros profit from taxes.

«Paris and rome – single european capitals worthout a casino», – reported in the report.

But the idea did not meet approval from local authorities. Mayor of ann idalgo, a member of the socialist party, said that such a plan for her «do not soul», and natalie kosyushko-moriz, a member of the conservative republican party, accused the government in promoting the project «exclusively with the financial goal».

The government revised its views, refusing a casino project in favor of game clubs.

The ministry of the interior confirmed that kazenyov supported the idea: «the new project will function by early 2016».

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