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January 11, 2022
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The tightening of the rules governing the use of lutnboks in games has an impact on the japanese gaming industry.

The Future Of Lutboks In Japan - In Question

Games with lutboxami, being extremely popular, systematically contribute to the development of the japanese economy, but all over the world the give in more and more criticism. Many countries accuse developers in the fact that the encourage minor to gambling. In many countries, the use of lutboxes in games is prohibited, as well as purchases during the game.

At the world leader in the electronic game industry for almost five decades. Local manufacturers have become wide popularity thanks to such applications as monster strike and puzzle & dragons. Annual income from these games is estimated at $ 55 billion.

Experts report that lutboxes in japan became victims of their own success. Companies preferred to spend budgets for expensive license fees, and not on innovation and creativity. So, one of the companies licensed mobile games, for example, franchise «star wars», which cost millions, but the sale of the game sharply went to the decline.

Recall that the senate of australia conducted a study in which more than 7,400 gamers took part. According to its results, lutboxes have a direct connection with problem gambling.

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