The Gambling Regulator Of Sweden Will Launch A New Reporting System

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April 14, 2022
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Swedish gambling regulator spelinspektionen present a new reporting system for licensed operators. The innovation will allow you to more closely monitor suspicious transactions related to money laundering and financing terrorism.

The Gambling Regulator of Sweden Will Launch A New Reporting System

The launch of the goaml program is scheduled for january 13 next year. Thus, the acting dar system will be replaced. Representatives of the gambling regulator claim that the platform will improve the quality of reporting that the gembling company file law enforcement agencies.

Registration for licensed operators starts january 9 and will last until the program is launched. After that, the participants of the legal market will be able to start providing reports on new standards.

Despite the fact that registration is carried out only after approval by law enforcement agencies, the gambling regulator claims that the whole process will not take over two days.

At the same time, the dar platform will continue to work in parallel so that licensees of the gambling market can go to a new system. The test period will be completed at the end of february.

Representatives of the gambling regulator pay the attention of the operator to the the fact that the report filed not be duplicated in the second.

The launch of the new platform is made against the background of tightening the struggle of the gambling regulator with unlicensed participants of the swedish gambling market.

In june, spelinspektionen was ready to withdraw the license of global gaming because of suspicion of unscrupulous implementation of the rules of the program of responsible gambling and insufficient measures to combat money laundering. The decision was sevel times appealed in the courts, but the success of the gambling operator did not succeed.

Recall that spelinspektionen called on suppliers of payment services to stop servicing unlicensed gambling operators.

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