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April 18, 2022
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The british gambling commission has inflicted a response to a group of deporties who called the organ incompetent. Indition, according to the folk aligns, it is the inatiction of the regulator that allows operators to attract vulnerable players.

The Gambling Regulator of The UK Answered The Parliamentaria

Previously, the parliamentary group of deputies, in which the study of harm related to gambling (grh appg) published an interim report, the subject of which was the online gambling industry. In resolution, deputies accused the regulator that the rules of online rates were not revised.

Commission on gambling challenged this statement, referring to the ministry of the director general of the ministry of nile macarus, in which he clearly defined the goals and plans to revise the rules for the weflementation of online rates, the work of the vip segment use of advertising technologies and new requirements for the design of gambling products.

Nile macarur also stated that the official position of the regulator – incorrect. Subsequently, deputiested that the full report would contain the indications of the regulatory body and the responsible ministry.

Presumably, the regulator will be able to develop new rules by studying information about user activity. This is mainly about limiting the size of rates at various levels.

To comply with the rights of users, the gambling regulator is taking strict forced measures for intruder companies. According to current information, an analysis of the work of the industry has recently been carried out for compliance with standards. 123 online operators took part in the audit, 45 of them subsequently pledged to provide an action plan to improve standards on their own platforms. 14 more operators became an object of forced investigation.

Indition, the control body continues to consult with experts on the introduction of limits of internet spending on gembling.

Recall that the british national lottery continues to deal with the manifestations of ludomania.

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