The Gambling Sector Macau Suffered From Reducing The Number Of Visitors

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April 18, 2022
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Revenues from gambling macau in october decreased by 3.2%, despite the holiday – golden week. Data provided by the bureau of inspection and coordination of gambling.

The Gambling Sector Macau Suffered From Reducing The Number of Visitors

It was expected that thans to the holiday last month then will be an increase in the number of visitors approximately 11%. However, the actual influx of tourists was significantly lower and 19% less than in the same period last year.

Annual reducing income from gambling was 26.4 billion patac (€3.3 billion), which corresponded to the forecasts of analysts. The income of october amounted to 22.1 billion patac, which is the lowest indicator since september 2018.

During the first half of the year in macau, the reduction of ggr was stated, while in april and in august, a fall was recorded exceeding 8 points.

At the end of october, the cumulative gross revenue from gambling for the current year amounted to 246.7 billion patac, the reduction was 1.8% compared with the first ten monhs of last year.

Last month, the university of macau conducted a study, which suggests that the percentage of players has reached a record low – 40.Nine%. For comparison, in 2016 the figure was equal to 51.Five%.

The Main Reason for The Fall in the Indicators in August Was Named Technical Recession

The main reason for the fall in the indicators in august was called technical recession. For many years, macau was the leader in the provision of gembling services, but the development of the gambling industry in neighboring countries led to a significant outflow of players. It its believed that the city has passed its position, while other countries began to provide more gambling opportunities to the visitor. The first under the blow was the vip segment.

Last year, the outflow of hairrollers was costing macau at $ 1.4 billion. Players preferred cambodia, philippines, south korea and vietnam. Union gaming analysts predict that in 2019 this indicator will increase to $ 2.6 billion.

Effective tax rate accrued on the ggr vip segment in macau is 39%, while in south korea, 20% tax is supposed, and in the philippines – 15%.

Indition, it is worth noting that the effections of analysts about the effect of smoking prohibition in macau were optimistic.

Recall that the forecasts of experts regarding ggr macau at the end of the year torne tuman.

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