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November 23, 2022
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The national assembly of cambodia has signed measures aimed at updating casino rules in the country in accordance with modern requirements.

In conversation, depeutor of the ministry of economy and finance cambodia ros firun said that the draft law called the "law on the department of integrated resorts and commercially adopted on november 14, 2020" lmcg).

Through new updated measures, the government of cambodia hopes to reassure the group of development of financial measures to combat money laundering and increase tourism in the country. The law establishes a number of new regulatory measures, such as the division of cambodia for three gaming zones. These zones range from areas in which games are allowed to regions in which games are not allowed in any form.

The new legal framework also establishes tax on gross income from casino games, which requires operators to pay 4% for the game as a while. The supervision of the industry will be implemented by the committee on integrated resort management and commercial games.

In october 2020, the minister of economy and finance cambodia aun pornmonimonov said that the government seeks to help in the country of the casino industry in the country, while simultaneously implementing effective monitoring so that the operators match expectionss.

Commenting on lmcg, pornmonith said: "regulations on the sector of commercial gambling are designed to ensure that this sector can work under the auspices of a transparent law".

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