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April 14, 2022
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The Governorate of The Czech Republic Wins In The Latest Case Casino Kartáč

The governments of the czech republic announced a victory in a litigation with the ground operator casino kartáč group about the operation of the terminals of interactive video lotter video (vlt).

Casino kartáč filed a chaim for 1.41 billion czech crowns (65.5 million dollars) as compensation for the missed benefits, arguing that the procedure for issuing permits for vlt by the ministry of finance was incorrect.

However, during the hearing in the district court in prague, legal representatives of property issues (úzsvm) objected that the ministry operated in accordance with national legislation.

District court agreed with úzsvm and rejected the claim for compensation from casino kartas.

"A team of lawyers again worked fine and already defended many billions of crowns in long trials with this company

Courts have repeatedly endured solutions in our favor, which confirms our solid legal position. In addition, allowing these disputes without the involvement of external law firms, we save the state significant financial resources ",

– said minister of finance alena shillerova.

This judgment marks the last legal victory of the government over casino kartáč after the operator has lost a separate compensation requirement in the amount of 6.9 billion in september 2020. Czech crowns in connection with the legalization of online roulette in the czech republic.

The initial decision of the first district court of prague in december 2019 rejected casino kartáč’s approval that the government had to pay financial compensation for the missed benefits after a request for the legalization of online roulette was rejected in 2006.

Casino kartáč appealed this decision, but the city appelte court of prague rejected him.

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