The Governoment Of Macau Opens Advice On The Revision Of The Casino Rules

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June 27, 2022
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The Governoment of Macau Opens Advice On The Revision of the Casino Rules

The governments of macau began public consultations on a number of reforms related to the casino sector, including changing the number of imsued licenses and the possibility of imposing government and the possibility.

Consultations will be considered amendments to law no. 16/2001 – "legal system for gaming operations in casino", which for the first time opened the macau casino market for many operators. Overview will cover nine major regions.

The first is the number of concesions that are expected to be issued after the expiration of current licenses in june 2022. Currently, three licensees offer games in macau, and three more sublicenzata also work. However, the report states that fewer operators could benefit.

"Restricting the number of concesions does not mean reducing the competitiveness of the seeks to ensure the balance between the stability of the market measurement and the liberalization of the sector," the report says.

To do this, you can limit the number of issued concesions, directly banning the subconception. Indition, another measure includes the introduction of "government representatives" in licensees.

"As a representative of public interests of society, the government of macao is responsible for protecting the interests and well-being of the entire local population," said the government. "Game dealers, in turn, put their main goal to maximize their own profits".

Because of this difference, representatives shold be appointed "to distribute direct supervion from the government of macau on consessionaires".

The governments of macao assesses the reduction of the concession period

The term of concesions can also be reduced. Consultations have shown that the initial law on casino macau was derioped during a large economic uncertainty, when it was believed that a long concesion is needed to attract strong investment. Indition, he stated that "an overly long or inflexible period of consession can cause problems".

To accept the proposed rules, you will need oter legal requirements for potential licenses, including a higher minimum amount of share capital in order to better reflect the size of the macau market.

The government also suggested introducing a guarantee for local workers. However, this proposal did not contain details, limited to the fact that it was emphasized that "operators should take permanent and active measures to guarantee the availability of vacancies for local workers," as well as access to promotion for the service for these employees.

The authorities even pointed out the need for new rules for those who promote the game, for example, for "dzhanketov" operators. Currently, these companies are subject to some legal requirements compared to casino operators and references to illegal activities were discovered. "It is necessary to tighten the regulation of the activities of promoters of games, since the criteria for access to this profession are rising," said stat.

Proposal for diversification activities in resorts

Another listed proposal is the promotion of non-game projects requiring the resorts to include more non-game activities in order to diversify the macau economy after last year the executive chairman of ho iat seng warned about "excessive dependence" of macau from the gaming industry.

The penultimate area of ​​consultation concerns social responsibility. In the governments noted that the current rules lack concrete. As a result, it expected that licensees will take on number of social obligations, including the support of local small and medium-sized enterprises, protection of labor rights and participation in charitable activities.

Finally, the government proposed to make changes to the law on criminal liability, mainly indicating that operators may suffer criminal liability for certain disadvantages.

New proposals will also make a crime refusioning to authorities in accessing documents or information when subsessary. Consultations will last 45 days and will include five open meetings on which interested parties will be able to express their opinion.

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