The Grand Prix Of Figure Skating Is Returned: Costorna And Tuktamysheva Will Be More Difficult Than All

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August 1, 2022
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In the coming season, the steps of the grand prix of figure skating are returned, which so lass last season. We tell who who will fight with whom and who caught the most difficult layouts. Looking for our website only the latest sports news.

The Grand Prix of Figure Skating IS Returned: Costorna and Tuktamysheva Will Be More Difficult Than All

Grand prix in figure skating, women: where the russians will perform and whve the most difficult stages

Season 2021/2022 will be more interesting the previous one not only because he is olympic, as well as because of returning to the competitive calendar of the grand prix stages. It is possible that all starts will be conducted without fans, but the very fact of holding the grand prix of figure skating in 2021 can no longer please. Now the off-season, but the skaters have already returned to training and are preparing for control rentals.

In russia, they are especially closely monitored for each preparatory aspect that not strange, knowing the rabid level of compettion among women singles. To date, six figure skater found themselves in the main team: all three prizes of the world’s last championship anya shcherbakov, lisa tuktamysheva and sasha coward, as well as their young heirass – camila valieva, maya chrome and daria usacheva. No less impressive in russia and reserve, where the operating champion of europe alain costosnaya and promising lisa nugumanova came to. Only three singles will go to the olympics, so the upcoming season promises to be the most competitive.

Our figure skaters have already been distributed in stages. Anna shcherbakova speaks at the third and fifth stages: chinase and french. From russian colleagues, she will be the company maya chrome and sophia samodurova (in both, by the way, only one stage), and thes of the alain. The latter managed to surprise everyone well, because in its asset two stages at once – first in america and the one in france. Such a schedule does not boast even chrome, which, among other things, is based on the national team.

Shcherbakov will meet in grenoble and with alain kosostna. Unclear times when the powerful trio of the tank was divorced by stages, ended: due to the failed season 2020/2021, the european champion not only hit the reserve of the national team, but also received the most complex steps of the grand prix. Before fighting scherbakova in france, she will have to speak in canada against lisa tuktamysheva and camila walieva. And cherry on the cake of steel rick kihira and alice lew, who were also distributed to the stage in vancouver. This grand prix can be called the most competitive.

It is not easy and tuktamysheva. She both times competed with valiyeva. As for sasha podovoy, then «russian rocket» rides on the grand prix of the first: at the stage in las vegas, the bronze medalist of the world cup will meet with sinitina and usacheva. Next we will see sasha at the fourth stage – in japan. There russian woman is still opposed to one usacheva.

It is impossible not to notice that the alina zagito and the gear of medvedeva in the distribution is not, as in the national team. Probably already stupid to wait for girls at competitions, but let’s look at them in the show navka and averbukha.

And now in order:

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