The Great Britain’S Igor Commission Published A Plan For The Next 3 Years

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April 21, 2022
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The Great Britain's Igor Commission Published A Plan for The Next 3 Years

The british gambling commission launched a three-year corporate strategy in which its priorities were identified at 2021-24.

The british regulatory body launched five priority areas: protection of children and vulnerable segments of the population from harm related to gambling, an increase in customer awareness, prevent crime in gambling, optimization of charitable donations from the national lottery and improving gambling regulation.

Priorities are largely similar to the priorities of the previous three-year strategy for 2018-2021, which establishes the priorities of protecting consumer interests, preventing harm to society, raising standards in the gambling market, optimizing charitable profits from lotteries and improvements to the commission regulates.

The only serious change apparently is to increase attention to criminal activity and the protection of minors and vulnerable segments of the population.

Commission on gambling also published its annual business plan for fiscal year, starting april 1, 2021.

The plan outlines the proposed milestones for the year. One of the main topics is the commision’s compettion for the the following license of the national lottery of great britain and ensuring a smooth transition that does not affect the effectiveses of the current license.

The commission also emphasized that it will continue to monitor compliance with the operators of enhanced player protection measures.

The plan of the regulatory body justifies its new rules introduced during the covid-19 pandemic, such as more stringent availability checks and the prohibition of reverse removal of funds.

As for its own balance, then, according to the commission estimates, personnel costs will amount to 73% of its expenditures per year.

According to him, 34 percent of its income will be on the rates sector, 26 percent – on a casino, 12 percent – on software, 8 percenta – on slot machines, lotteries and slot machines and 4 percent – on bingo.

Source: official site of igor’s commission united kingdom

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